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09 Sep

John Adams President of A Foreign Affair sits down with Bud Patterson to discuss the recent tours to Mariopul, and Lugansk. Bud also takes us on a walking tour of Lugansk to show some of the fun places the guys can go on dates.All in all it will be a fun show highlighting the recent trips to Mariopul and Lugansk.Rachel and Leah are the last two matriarchs of the Jewish people.They are the ones who, together with their husband Yaakov, represent the cohesive family of which none of the sons were weeded out to become other nations.A majority of the our live shows are approximately one hour in duration, so get some snacks, sit back and ENJOY!Due to some unfortunate technical difficulties - shows #019, #024, #030 and #050 will not be listed in our archive.Our third patriarch, Yaakov, the distilled, refined combination of chesed and gevura, resulted in the character trait of emet – truth and harmonious completion.Truth is the ability to see things from all sides, not just from a perspective of mercy and compassion, and not only from a strict, just and proper view.

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Three Things You Need to Know About Eva and Tony’s Divorce: In my parent’s generation the focus was on making the marriage work regardless.Now 76, Sandra has written a book – Daughter Of The King: Growing Up In Gangland – all about her experiences growing up with her father, Meyer Lansky, and many of the most feared Mafia bosses of the 20th century, how she feels an important part of their legacy has been forgotten and all about the passionate affair she shared with crooner Dean Martin.Known as the ‘Mob's Accountant’, Lansky was a major organized crime figure who, along with his associate Charles ‘Lucky’ Luciano, was instrumental in the development of the 'National Crime Syndicate' in the United States.I ask her "why the commitment should be made in the first place?"In the case of Eva Longoria and Tony Parker only he can answer that question.It's a fun idea, but the information about it online can be out of date or just plain wrong.Here's the straight story: Clint Eastwood and his partners once owned the Hog's Breath Inn at San Carlos and Fifth Avenue in downtown Carmel, but they sold it many years ago.Yaakov – Yisrael: A Multifaceted Man On a basic level, we know that our forefather Avraham represented the pillar of chesed (kindness) and was complemented by Sarah, who represented gevura ("strength" or strict justice).Their son, Yitzchak, resembled Sarah in his inner strength and willingness to be sacrificed, and thus needed Rivka with her developed sense of kindness and outward giving.AFA Vice President Bud Patterson has the opportunity to interview 3 lovely and intelligent women from Thailand and our Thailand office manager Leonard Stokes about the upcoming tour to Thailand in September.John Adams President of A Foreign Affair sits down with Bud Patterson to discuss the importance of our foreign office staff, and Vice President Bud Patterson interviews three of our foreign office managers; Monica from Cartegnea, Lorena from Medellin, and Gustavo from Costa Rica via skype. and Don who is newly engaged to a lovely Ukrainian women named Lara.