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27 Jan

Now that the series finale has aired, we have our answers. Here's a look at who wound up where, ranked from the best fate to the worst. Hannah said in the first episode of Season 1 that she thought she could be "a voice of a generation." But did she manage to hurdle that bar?Indian Beauty Parlour Send Money to India Cab pick-up drop-off and Airport Services Kids Education and Training Shipping to India Auto Dealers Jobs Search Visitors Insurance Connecticut Software Training, QA Indian Travel Agents Tax, Accountants, CPA Connecticut Lawyers Attorneys Indian Consultants H1b/Green Card Real Estate Indian Wedding & Desi Party Hotels and Party Hall more..Connecticut Desi Events Indian Movies Indian Music Dance Arts News CT Hindu Temples / Churches CT Indian Restaurants CT Indian Associations CT Indian Grocery Store & Halal CT Indian Clothes & Jewelry 2005-2016 All Rights reserved.I work a lot that why I'm here because I don't have the time. Many Indians over the weekend celebrated Diwali, Hinduism's festival of lights.

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Ray Ploshansky Ray, played by Alex Karpovsky, was either a delightfully odd bird or an insufferable know-it-all, depending on your perspective.

Even President Obama had kind words for those who observed the holiday.

This is the perfect time to eat Indian food, to enjoy some quality South Asian cuisine.

During the final season, he had some rough moments.

He lost one of his best friends, Hermie (Colin Quinn), and ended things with Marnie.