Dell updating software

11 Oct

(However I'm testing on HP, and it seems to be working...

I'll Post later if I can get the HP Updater Software to work right) Then towards the end of my TS, I have 4 Steps that Installs the Command Update Software, Applies Settings, and Runs it, then reboots. You'll need to Create your Settings XML Settings File, install the software on a Dell machine, launch it, configure the settings, then export it. YOU MUST CHANGE THE PATH otherwise it will FAIL during OSD.

If you're using Dell machines, you might be able to forget how to import drivers moving forward.

I've tested this new method with several Dell Models, and so far, It's been working well.

A quick software update this week has finally turned it on.

(I named the folder Drivers Win10x64 - Win PE)Command: Place the Step after the TS reboots back into PE, but before it's captured: Here is my folder of the drivers it injects: I've added an additional driver (Security Folder) that Dell Command Update didn't get, it was for the fingerprint sensor on the E5470.Contacted Dell on facebook and this is what I was told "The updates Dell releases don't affect the system.But it would enhance the performance of the system" ummmm no...they broke they need to fix it." Another said, "Let's hope Dell fixes it for free, the Dell Update software that was prepackaged, might I say, reminded me to update constantly. Well, I am not very happy with the update, so 2 stars out of 5." Some users complained screens cycled through red, green, blue and white while others saw nothing but an amber or red power light and a dead screen.Also interesting is that the tablet noted that our cameras may be out of alignment, but that it'll get better as take more pictures. Update the BIOS and drivers to keep Dell XPS laptop running in top form.Dell's latest BIOS update is bricking some machines – apart from a power light, they refuse to boot up at all, say users.The Texan tech titan's own support forums are filling up with frustrated users who took the support assistant’s advice to download the latest program.The main model affected by the allegedly dodgy update is the Inspiron 20 3052, although a few users reported similar problems with Inspiron 3252s.As one forum wag noted: "Some send out 'Wanna Cry', others send out BIOS upgrades". That means if you're so inclined, you'll be able to whip out this 0, 8-inch tablet, flip it upside-down, take a picture of something and then maybe get a decent reading of how tall it is, or even get its area.It's a neat trick, but we still contend it's cheaper, easier and more consistently accurate to carry around a tape measurer.