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29 Jan

A kiss is just a kiss 53% of singles over 50 feel it is appropriate to kiss someone after one date.


“Singles over 50 are confident in many areas of their lives including finances, careers and friendships, but are not completely satisfied when it comes to their dating and sex lives,” Dr.

Remember that it is your top half that is mostly on show if you are sitting across a dinner table, so focus on that. When it comes to first dates it depends on whether the ‘date’ is with someone you already know – in which case they may have a sense of what you like, or whether it is first meeting with somebody you have met online.

Don’t wear anything that you are uncomfortable wearing – the last thing you want on a date is to be fiddling with what you are wearing. In both cases , have they thought about your comfort and safety?

At the same time, I’ve heard 100’s of stories from women our age who have built dating success or even found the love of their lives. Why do some older women struggle when it comes to dating, while others succeed?

Well, I can tell you that it has nothing to do with looks, personality or confidence.