Dating weaving shuttle

07 Sep

Kay mounted his shuttle on wheels in a track and used paddles to shoot the shuttle from side to side when the weaver jerked a cord.

Using the flying shuttle, one weaver could weave fabrics of any width more quickly than two could before.

He went to Paris, and throughout 1747 negotiated with the French Government (in English) to sell them his technology.

The operator then had to reach forward while holding the shuttle in one hand and pass this through the shed; the shuttle carried a bobbin for the weft.

The shuttle then had to be caught in the other hand, the shed closed, and the beater pulled forward to push the weft into place.

and brought three of his sons to Paris to make them.

Although wary of entering the manufacturing provinces (because of his experiences with rioting weavers in England) he was prevailed upon to do so.