Dating tube

27 Nov

Uniquely among smartphone dating apps, users are only allowed to send one free 'Spark' per day, and responders have just 24 hours to send a reply.Its co-founder, David Marsden, 24, hopes the limits will cut out the relentless swiping associated with Tinder."Every day we see people that catch our eye, and in that second we form a picture of who they could be and how we might get on," he told the Telegraph."It’s so much more than just an image.The time on Shoreditch High Street when the Voice seemed to lunge for me, and I all but ran to the opposite platform, only to then have to sit awkwardly avoiding eye-contact with him across the tracks!

Find a date for your journey just post your daily journey details & find out other single & looking co-passengers at Crushon Tube. You spot someone you fancy on the Tube, fantasise about your deliciously perfect life together, name your three kids and… You’ve reached your stop and your soul mate has vanished into the murky ether of the underground forever.But fear not, fellow singletons, for help is at hand.It’s more varied than a pub, cheaper than a night out and less forced than a singles event.My daily commute lasts three hours, including half an hour on the Tube.In the event the user spots someone they are attracted to during their journey, they simply open up the app on their phone and send them a 'Spark'.The recipient will then receive the 'Spark' once the pair have parted ways - sparing the potential for an awkward end to the journey.The first rule of the London Underground is: You do not talk aboard the London Underground.The second rule of the London Underground is: You do not talk aboard the London Underground.This is a real person who we all-too-often fail to speak to and we want to change that outcome."He added: "Our sole aim for Spark is to forge more meaningful connections.We want each Spark to mean something when sent, which makes receiving one even more impactful."Conversations that aren’t active for a week will disappear, meaning that you can only continue speaking to those who’ve truly caught your interest.”The app claims to have attracted more than 4,000 users since its launch on Sunday - so it remains a tall order for it to compete with Tinder's 50 million users.