Dating musical instruments

11 May

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The two heroes conquer the ogre Humbaba and the fiery bull of the goddess Ishtar.

The bone flutes push back the date researchers think human creativity evolved.Gilgamesh, the great king of Uruk, embarks on a quest for fame and glory.He travels to the Forest of Cedar with, Enkidu, a mortal created by the gods to be Gilgamesh's friend and counterpart.Our ranks include those who have not yet built any instrument, those who are just starting out in instrument making, dedicated hobbyists, and part-time and full-time professionals.After eight years online we have a large Library of archived discussions containing over 10,000 files.This pages follows the evidence from visual art, artifacts, replicas of instruments, the languages of the time, written literature, and the set of musical texts.This composite view leads to some amazing correlations between flutes of Ancient Mesopotamia and early Native American cultures.The rich tradition of Mariachi, Banda, Nortena and Ranchera sounds are a rich treasure from the Mexican culture.Many common and not-so-common instruments are used by the bands and groups that perform traditional and modern Mexican music. Through two drilled holes, small pebbles are inserted and a handle is attached., the greatest literary work of Ancient Mesopotamia, talks of a flute made of carnelian, a semi-precious stone.The passage was recently identified on cuneiform tablets written in Akkadian, an ancient semitic language. After hunting down the musical artifacts from that time, as well as literary references, the use of words in various languages, and images in sculpture and other visual art, we can get a composite image that tells us a great deal about the flutes of Ancient Mesopotamia.