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22 Nov

If he adheres to his religion very closely, then it might be hard for you to pursue a long-term relationship with him from the cultural viewpoint.The thing is, it might be hard to understand, but if you`re thinking of marriage down the road then it is possible.I just don't want my being so drastically different from him to be a bother to his life.Any Muslim/Arab men or women out there ready to give a little Italian/Catholic girl a few words of wisdom?S until after his Masters studies (He's in the same grade as me, but 2 years older) - He came from Riyadh in September. So I'm currenty a 2nd year student in University and I've recently met a Saudi Arabian guy.

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Many people have asked me what it’s like being an American woman married to an Arab man.

Some even ‘warned’ me before making the decision to get married.

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