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21 Nov

Anderson says he became instantly hooked after taking photos on a trip to Nevada-based festival Burning Man and has since travelled to some of the world’s most beautiful locations.

The magic forest in Japan :-) Bamboo trees are a favorite, add a path through the bamboo and I'm double happy.

In that light, it seems there's a strong case for deleting your old, unused accounts -- or at least creating a throwaway email address to associate with the services you don't use so that they're insulated from the email addresses you use for more important things.

Not only does it potentially cut down on the number of credentials you have to remember (although hopefully you're solving that by using a password manager, right? By changing the credentials on your old accounts and disassociating them from online services that you use in the present-day, you can help make sure none of your other Internet identities are put at risk.

What’s more, 14 years on, he still uses the same profile picture.

This handy infographic breaks down the top social networking sites by gender, age, income, and education demographics.Secondly as a Web developer/SEO consultant, I have a great deal of enthusiasm for the technical challenge developing my skills on this uk has been developed entirely from scratch and is continually being improved.We have been going since 2007 and unlike some other emo sites we're here to stay!so uk has similarities to other online communities, but it's intended for Emo's and related scenesters.Since selling his share in the social network to News Corp for a cool £372m and retiring back in 2009, Tom Anderson has dedicated his time to travelling the world and becoming a talented photographer.Keeping himself busy, Anderson has created an Instagram account under the handle @myspacetom where he shares some of his favourite snaps.Many anti-emo sites have developed but so Emo isn't intended to be one!It's important to realise stereotypes exist and people moan/debate about them though... The aim is to have Emo people neatly on one site like an Emo portfolio but also an Emo community with user interaction.If you were on the internet circa 2005 then you probably remember Myspace Tom.You know, the guy who automatically became the first friend of everyone joining the social media site, stealthily staking a place in your top eight friends list. Well, while we might have ditched the glory days of Myspace for Facebook, we’re pleased to discover that Tom and his lo-res grinning profile picture live on.