Dating machu picchu

26 Feb

As soon as I touched down in Lima’s Airport, I was met with the faces of eager taxi drivers (I’m sure they all just wanted my money ha), nonetheless, their faces were cheery and it hit me that I had finally arrived in the gorgeous country of Peru. Many times they’ll make their way to the centers of cities to sell little artifacts, so support them where and when you can.

Peru has so much history to it and the indigenous people, despite being amongst the poorest, will be some of the happiest and most helpful people you’ll encounter.

Evening international flight arrival in Lima where you will begin your luxury trip through Peru.

You will be greeted by your personal host and taken to your hotel, which is conveniently located across the street from the terminal.

By 1976 at least 30% of the site had been restored and those restoration efforts still continue today.

There are maps that show Machu Picchu dating back to 1874, which means that Hiram Bingham was not the first to see the magnificent site.You will be taken in private to the elegant Hacienda Huayoccari for a multi-course Peruvian lunch in the historic dining room surrounded by colonial art.Afterwards, you may choose to go horseback riding along local trails on Peruvian paso horses, a unique breed offering one of the smoothest rides of any horse.Machu Picchu is an Inca site in Peru that is thought to have been built as an estate for Pachacuti, an Incan emperor.It was built in the 15th century, approximately around 1450.You will be assisted with check-in for your flight to Cusco the following morning.Upon arrival, you will be greeted by your personal guide who will show you the best of the Sacred Valley.for that, there’s a multitude of beauty you’ll be missing out on. Secondly, you’ll encounter many slums and regions of extreme poverty while exploring, and according to government statistics, 8 million Peruvians still qualify as poor.Peru is a magnetic and diverse country, full of some of the most kind-hearted and warm-spirited people you’ll ever meet. Two cups of this magical sorcery will have you questioning the earth’s orbit and life’s meaning altogether. So do your best to support the indigenous people who live in the remote and rural areas.Ever dreamed of a spectacular journey into the past where you can discover the hidden treasures of one of the most fascinating civilizations on Earth?At 8,200 feet above sea level and covering over five square miles, the Machu Picchu ruins overlook a lush rainforest in the heart of the Peruvian Andes.