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14 Dec

Ice-scar chronologies indicate high water levels in spring, whereas tree-tilting by waves is caused by summer high waters.A major increase in both the amplitude and frequency of ice floods occurred in the 1930s.The Sacramento Bee reported the water release could being as soon as March 17, by which point the water levels in the lake are expected to rise another 5 feet.Still, officials continued to work to repair the spillway after a gaping 300-foot hole formed in the concrete, exposing the ground below.After experimenting with various rates of releases in late February, engineers determined allowing a slower flow of water down the spillway was actually causing more erosion to the ground beneath the concrete.That erosion could further compromise the spillway and, eventually, the Oroville Dam itself if it continues. This new chronology corrects previous estimates for human burials at this important site and provides a new picture of Homo sapiens adapting to deteriorating climate in the world's driest inhabited continent.The site of Atlantis at Pampa Aullagas on the Bolivian Altiplano with its outer ring of land and inner rings of water is presently a considerable number of feet above the surrounding land level and also the lake level of nearby Lake Poopo.

Officials said the water levels in the lake are nowhere near as high as they were at the height of the crisis a month ago, but said intermittent releases along the damaged spillway will prevent the need to use the emergency spillway again.No such change was indicated by the tree-tilting chronologies, but wave erosion occurred in exceptionally rainy years.According to the modern record, spring lake-level rise is due to increased snowfalls since the 1930s.This position influences the path of the cyclonic air masses, which control summer precipitation and, consequently, summer lake levels in the area.Officials in northern California said they will likely have to reopen the heavily damaged Oroville Dam spillway as water continues to rise in its reservoir. 27, when officials with the California Department of Water Resources closed it off to begin repairs and remove debris that had built up after a series of massive water releases into the Feather River below the dam.Atlantis is presumed to have existed in one of the wet periods when its canals were fed by the overflowing waters of Lake Titicaca.The dates of extreme water levels of two large lakes in northern Quebec have been recorded over the last century by ice scars on shoreline trees and sequences of reaction wood in shore trees tilted by wave erosion.Various geologic, atmospheric and solar processes can influence atmospheric carbon-14 levels.Since the 1960s, scientists have started accounting for the variations by calibrating the clock against the known ages of tree rings.This may be partly due to the surrounding plain having dropped in elevation, and also to the nearby Lake Poopo having dropped in water level.In order for the circular rings of water to function as harbours with access to the lake, the lake must have been considerably higher and a higher level would also be necessary to feed the perimeter canal and irrigation system which was said to have run around the adjacent level rectangular plain.