Dating jah

10 Apr

HAPPILY MARRIED with a baby on the way; occasionally cooking for friends; and living a humble, simple life.

It’s the way Jah Cure describes his life today, and indeed, the reggae star sounded very upbeat, as he came to the phone.

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This date-palm represents queen Teia Tephi, Aengus' mother who came to Ireland by sea over the waves from Jerusalem and confirms that the Aengus referred to in Ogham script, on the same stone, was indeed the third child of Teia Tephi and her husband the Daighda, Eochaidh mac Duach/Dui, the High-king of Tara.

Said past has been so well documented that only those who had never heard of the star could be unaware of what he describes as his “struggle.” In November 1998, Cure was arrested after a local woman identified him to police as the man who had raped and robbed her at gunpoint.

Arrested on charges of gun possession, robbery and rape, Cure was found guilty and sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Her son, Andrew Todd, and his wife were out to dinner at the time.

The eldest child called her father, alerting him to the attack then "evacuated" her younger siblings out of the house.