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Most Ets family members act either alone or in synergy with various cofactors to regulate numerous viral and cellular promoters (1).The human -1 locus encodes a major 6.4 kb transcript and alternatively spliced transcripts (2,3).Take Mad Bob's Poser image in post 2087 for instance.Not only is it a creative (and more risqué) interpretation of a MAM cover, it's probably the only way we'll get to see a topless woman facing the guillotine at the hands of a psychotic Nazi, now that print GIMP media are no more.To date, this is only the second r RNA backbone residue shown to be critical in ribosome function.Elongation factor-catalyzed GTP hydrolysis is a key reaction during the ribosomal elongation cycle.

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Based on the close proximity of the phosphate oxygen of A2662 of the SRL to the supposedly catalytic histidine of EF-G (His87), we probed this interaction by an atomic mutagenesis approach.

We individually replaced either of the two nonbridging phosphate oxygens at A2662 with a methyl group by the introduction of a methylphosphonate instead of the natural phosphate in fully functional, reconstituted bacterial ribosomes.

RNase protection experiments suggest that there is no correlation between exon circle expression and exon skipping.

The c-ets-1 proto-oncogene belongs to the Ets gene family which encodes DNA-binding transcription factor proteins.