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A supraregional national consciousness does only seem to exist on a very small scale, efforts to found an own Berber state were rare, the effort in the present time to found a Tuareg state in the north of Mali, under the name «Azawad», didn't last for long.Although the Berbers had been Islamized more than 1000 years ago they succeeded in preserving their unique way of life and their special civilization.It is characteristic for the Berbers that they live very dispersed and have no want for political unity.Then they are well-known for their anarchistic attitude.RABAT, Morocco— Arabs came to North Africa in the seventh century.But since the dawn of history, there have been Berbers in this part of the world that the Arabs call the Maghreb.

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Though the Alaouit Dynasty - sovereign from the 17th century to the present day - is considered Arab, King Hassan II's wife, Latifa, is Berber, as have been the wives of previous Alaouit monarchs.

''The Berber is what makes the difference between the Maghreb mentality and the Arab mentality of the Near East,'' said Mohammed Chafik, Inspector General of National Education, himself a Berber.