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22 Oct

The view overlooking the city is breathtaking, and the Central Garden is practically a sculpture in itself.

The Getty Center, celebrating art and architecture, opened in 1997 to instant fame.

This affordable summertime Saturday-night staple runs from May through September.

I started texting her every day.” And schedule more day dates. Those friends in relationships who are always preaching, “It just kind of happens,” and “you’ll know when the timing’s right,” might be annoying — but they’re also kind of right.“My friend, Adam, and I had been casually hooking up for awhile,” says Jennifer, 27.Rest assured, these 10 lessons can get you through the end of your marriage, both financially and emotionally.1.It may take a long time to recover—and that's okay.She signed her first film contract with Fox when she was 38 years old.She was married once to vaudeville actor Frank Wallace; may have had a secret marriage to Italian vaudeville headliner Guido Deiro; had a lover 16 years her junior and a string of boyfriends including wrestling champion Mr.What exactly do you need to know to be a dating success in La La Land? Go for a secluded romantic walk on the Tapia Spur Trail in Malibu Creek State Park. Play tourist in your hometown and take a guided tour of City Hall, Little Tokyo or the Biltmore Hotel. Bike the Strand, a 22-mile path that runs along Los Angeles County’s shoreline. If you want to make your date see you as her knight, take her for a Friday night dinner ride at Sunset Ranch Hollywood Stables. This “farmers market” isn’t all pickup trucks and fruit stands. With dozens of restaurants, shops, markets, and bars, the date strolling is superb. home: the Lakers, the Dodgers, USC, UCLA, the Galaxy, the Kings and even the L. Or shoot pool together at Q’s Billiard Club & Restaurant on Wilshire while pretending to watch the game — it’s more about looking great than rooting for the team at this chic locale. Nosh on comfort food, sip microbrews and play board games at Henry’s Hat, make friends at Vodvil, a newer bar/restaurant devoted to modern-day parlor games, or opt for a quieter date night and play Scrabble on a Thursday evening at Deyermond Books in Santa Monica.With its idyllic subtropical-Mediterranean climate, hilly terrain, Hollywood glitz, lively nightlife, this city of beautiful people has plenty of options for memorable dates. Based on the number of trails in Los Angeles, hiking should be the official city pastime. It opened in 1924 and has become a gathering place for several L. Celeb-watchers should keep their eyes peeled for A-listers like market-regulars Jennifer Garner and Reese Witherspoon shopping for fresh veggies. Los Angeles has been called “the creative capital of the world,” with a silver-screen history and culture that’s hard to ignore.“We didn’t do anything special to go from that to seriously dating though.We just spent so much time together that we realized we didn’t want it to end.” When you live in the moment and focus on having fun — as opposed to focusing on a hookup expiration date — you’ll naturally grow closer. Aside from paying attention to I-like-you vibes, keep an eye out for any “girlfriend” signs he may be giving off.