Dating a pices man

31 Oct

Every time this man falls in love, he will think that he found the love of his life.

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Pisces empathy Highly sympathetic, compassionate, self-sacrificing and unassuming, Pisces men are the most likely to absorb emotions from the environment around them, often becoming happy or depressed based on the mood of others.They tend to give a piece of themselves to anyone they love, and often get a lot of satisfaction from helping others in general.They often think with their heart and not their head, tending to dislike confrontation or hurting others in any way when avoidable, and often have difficulty saying no or leaving bad situations including relationships.Unfortunately, this could make him feel lost as he plays a role until he doesn’t know what the truth is anymore.A true Pisces man will have an objective to show love through sex, and he will sometimes choose to do so without a realistic image of his partner’s desires.How he interacts with others is based on his comprehension of how we as a society functions.If your experiences or opinions about the current state of affairs differs greatly from his, expect a wild give and take. But when given a forum to express his ideas, watch out.He is at his finest when he is performing a service.This may manifest as a grand vision in which he sees himself playing a part, or it might be his response to history.Powerfully emotional, intuitive, creative and caring, the Pisces man is sensitive and often your most trusted friend.Often exceptionally attractive, his most endearing traits are his humility and love of romance.