Dating a divroced person

17 Dec

It is not good for a parents to get divorce because the children will leave without biological parents love,children are born without application so its parent's task to take care until child get job.

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(Gawker was able to attend but not record the court session, which was open to the public.)While the court awarded sole residential custody to Mc Philmy, it decided that O’Reilly and Mc Philmy should continue to share legal custody—meaning that, even though they live with their mother, their father will continue to share joint authority over questions like which schools they attend, any medical care they receive, and what religion they practice; O’Reilly had demanded sole legal custody, an arrangement under which he alone would decide such matters.

The 31-year-old travel agent came out of the Chaoyang office with her now former husband, but they went their separate ways immediately after two years of marriage. "My ex-husband bought the apartment before we were married, so under the new law I'm not entitled to anything," said Mrs Yang.

"I'm hoping to get the car and half the money I paid towards the mortgage for the last two years.

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