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12 May

Stephen, what are your impressions of the show so far? I've gotten to meet with a lot of unique representatives from some major brands like e Bay and others. So whether you're a photographer, model, musician or designer you can join our community and support other creative, be supportive and pretty soon earn money from your passions.

I've learned a lot from the folks over on the front lines working with Cassandra directly and I've had a chance to send some ideas across and get some very helpful feedback. Data Stax: So let's talk a little about Cassandra, I understand you have a My SQL background; why the switch?

“It’s going to be America first,” Trump told “60 Minutes” correspondent Lesley Stahl in an interview taped on Friday. 13 at 7/6c, but here are the biggest takeaways: The wall: Trump still plans on building a wall across the Mexican border, though he said he was perhaps open to part of it being a fence, rather than a wall. Once he considers the country’s borders secure, he said there will be a vetting process to allow re-entry.

Taxes: “We’re going to substantially simplify and lower the taxes,” Trump told Stahl.

Now, at the age of 45, I'm pretty comfortable about looking the way I do. I was an art student for years and when I drew, everyone had blue lips and purple hair.

Donald Trump: Well, I really felt we were doing well. There are so many--Lesley Stahl: So no-- no regrets about--Donald Trump: I can't regret. And he told me-- the good things and the bad things, there are things that are tough right now--Lesley Stahl: Like what? Although I think the general was probably just as tough. Eric Trump: I think as a family, we've changed, to tell you the truth. And I have to say, one of the most rewarding things of my life, and I can speak on behalf of really all of us, it's fighting by our father's side every single day as you've gone through a grueling, grueling process like this.

It is so big, it is so-- it's so enormous, it's so amazing. And I think-- I realized that this is a whole different life for me now. You said he was not born in this country, he said things about you, he said you're-- unqualified--Donald Trump: You know what, it was a very-- it was a very interesting thing because-- I mean, few people have asked me from my family, what was that first period of time like? Donald Trump: We never discussed what was said about each other. And I would like to talk to him before I'd answer a question like that. Lesley Stahl: Are you gonna release your tax returns? The only one who cares is, you know, you and a few people that asked that question. Lesley Stahl: Now, for months, you were running around saying that the system is rigged, the whole thing was rigged. Donald Trump: Well, I think the electoral ca-- look, I won with the Electoral College. But do you think--Donald Trump: You know, it's--Lesley Stahl: --it's rigged? Her base didn't come with the enthusiasm and the turnout she needed to fend off Donald Trump's new and energized coalition. Trump's four older children – Tiffany, Donald, Jr., Eric And Ivanka -- joined us to talk about their father's surprising victory. I mean, the team was around and everybody's cheering. We're gonna speak to all of these people." And I think people saw that energy. That energy was so much of the movement-- that he was able to create.

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If they want, they can kick us out soon after our graduation ceremony. After providing world class infrastructure for research, will they willingly allow us to go back, work in home countries and become a competition to them inturn? This filtering is done from the visa stage as I see. A little of that is expected and VOs understand it – they are humans too. I saw a guy today worrying about what he should say if the VO asks his name! Consulate is not against RIT or UTA or NEU or SJSU. But such cases will be through in the second attempt without doubt. These are questions even a 10th standard guy can answer casually.