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05 Apr

There are millions of older women looking for younger men and maybe even more local single moms.

Because of this you will find a lot of milf hookup sites..

When you subtract the two, you get a really strange number.

*Saves the data file and drops the original variable along with the year, day, and month *variable. You are trying to compute the number of *days between the two dates. BEGIN DATA 02/05/98 02/07/98 03/16/97 03/25/97 05/23/98 05/25/98 12/02/98 12/25/98 END DATA.

*3) You have two date fields, an entrance and an exit date.

You would like to add the *number of days to the date variable to produce a new date variable. BEGIN DATA 02/05/98 2 03/16/97 27 05/23/98 5 12/02/98 12 END DATA.

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Asking for real, free, sites on Google only gives us the big "pay us" sites....

On the great big, open, free information internet, there must be places adults get together to chat, maybe meet, maybe more.... FWIW my experience is that it depends on what effort you put in - I've tried a number of sites with various degrees of 'success' which depends of course on what you want!