Cougar dating stories

01 Oct

Confirmation of the cougar as cultural phenomenon comes online at, a dating site for older women and younger men, and at, a resource guide that every week features a profile of a particularly hot cougar, usually accompanied by somewhat disturbing shots of her in lingerie.There's even an article on the AARP website with a photo of a seventy-something redhead in a tight dress, brandishing a Cosmo, entitled "Cougars and Their Cubs." Perhaps a woman in her late thirties who dates a guy in his early twenties we could consider a precocious cougar, but I think that we're casting the net a bit too wide when I could be emblazoned with the scarlet C at the tender age of twenty-nine.

After our first date he asked, "So, Rach, what exactly are you doing dating a twenty-year old? He gave me a look, then said, "She thinks you're a cougar." Technically, I don't think I'm old enough to be a cougar.

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