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27 Nov

In Michigan, communities both large and small have been mulling it over for months, and why not?

To answer these questions, we’ve called on the following four experts who have successfully implemented dispatch consolidation in their communities: Livingston County, Michigan 9-1-1 Central Dispatch Assistant Director Bruce Pollock and Operations Manager Donald Arbic; City of Flint, Michigan Administrator Stephen Todd; and retired Eaton County, Michigan Central Dispatch Operations Manager Paul Rogers.

“If you treat fire departments as a little brother and pat them on the head, it’s never going to work,” says Todd.

So can fire and police consolidate and maintain separate CAD/RMS systems?

For over 50 years the Village has operated its own E9-1-1 Dispatch center for emergency calls within the Village’s corporate limits with Fire and Ambulance calls answered by the Regional Emergency Dispatch (RED) Center, which is a dispatch center consisting of 15 municipalities, since 2002.

The Village completed a comprehensive review of options for consolidating dispatch services.

This review included joining other existing dispatch consortiums or contracting with another municipality for this service.