Cheryl cole dating tre holloway

14 Jan

The former Girls Aloud singer looked a tad queasy leaving The Duchess of Wisbeach in Cape Town, South Africa, after her New Year’s Eve celebrations.And we bet Tre’s hoping she’s starting to feel lovesick again soon, thanks to him."Cheryl's ok, obviously it happened a while ago so that's why he came over, because some time has passed." It had been rumoured that the British singer was planning to make a permanent move to the States to be with the LA-based dancer."The whole issue of him being in America and her being here, they just couldn't make it work," the source added.

And despite the pair looking cosy at the NFL American Football match at Wembley at the end of September, a spokesperson confirmed the news earlier today.

He came to the UK to dance for Kylie Monogue’s Aphrodite tour in January 2011, when it was hinted on his Facebook page that some kind of romance had blossomed when he changed his status to ‘in a relationship’ sending rumours flying.

The dapper dancer was born in New Jersey, USA, and studied at Seton Hall University graduating with a finance and psychology degree.

"It was a mutual decision so there's no bad feelings.

They want to remain good friends." Another insider told the , "They are still friends and there was no-one else involved.