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27 Mar

The thing is that I have really felt safer and so much better since defriending him.I really don’t want to accept the apology or have contact again. He has always made me feel uneasy, and I just don’t want to be friends with him. He’ll know I saw it, but I told him to leave me alone and he’s bringing it up again. A: You do not have to be friends with someone you’ve barely spoken to in 20 years, much less someone who used to crop your head onto pictures of partially naked women, then tried to quibble about the degree of their nudity when you told him to knock it off.Aitboulahcen then emptied the magazine of a Kalashnikov assault rifle before blowing herself up and becoming Europe’s first female suicide bomber.

Her brother, Youssouf Aitboulahcen, said his estranged sister preferred the Internet to Islam — and first put on a veil just a month ago. “She got very drunk and sprayed tear gas around the whole place,” the pal said.

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And disapproving puritans the nation over have tut-tutted the women, and sometimes men, whose compromising photographs end up posted online for prying eyes.

There can be no doubt about it: sexting is a risky, compromising, indiscreet business.