Being guarded dating

17 Feb

But it will be worth it: Whether we’re smiling from ear to ear or lighting up whatever room we enter, we know the importance of bringing sunshine wherever we go.

This means we’ll laugh along with you and everyone. We wonder if the only person we can really trust is ourselves. We’re really scared of letting someone close again. People who are guarded have something of value behind those walls.

Here are 12 benefits you only get from dating the guarded girl:1. She doesn’t freak out and jump ship when things go wrong.3. BUT we all know men don’t come with neon light-up signs that alert the media they’re assholes, either.

Anyone who takes a chance on the guarded girl will find she’s definitely worth that shot.

You never, ever want to be put in the same boat where there’s the potential to be fooled, misled or disappointed. And there are a lot of misconceptions about the girl labeled as such in the dating world today. When she DOES say, “I love you,” she’s not saying it just to say it: She really means it.11.She may not say it, but she’ll always be a little insecure and wonder who you are texting and where you really were. But trust me when I tell you, the juice is worth the squeeze. She’ll try to never cry in front of you If you gain her trust and she allows herself to be vulnerable in front of you, that is one of the sturdiest walls you have torn down.And you’ll wipe her tears and hold her, and despite coming off as what she considers weak, you see it as beautiful.Dating someone who is both outgoing but guarded adds more complexity to dating than there was before. She has a million walls up and you realize that dating someone like this may not be so easy. And just when you approach her, there's a whole bunch of confusion thrown your way.Do not plan around him, go out pursue your own interests.You have to be naturally busy and not always available or you will go berserk in no time.Credit: Thought Catalog Nobody skates through life at least a little tainted, and with a few scars that tell stories, you struggle to believe.When it comes to love, there’s a reason some people are perpetually single.Let me clarify a few things for the misinformed: No, she’s not being picky because she’s a snob. She cherishes the relationship she has with her friends and family because they’re the ones who stuck by her at her worst.12.And no, she’s not leading a guy on to only shatter his shot at love for fun. When she IS in a relationship she fully trusts, she’ll give you her entire heart.7. She knows how shitty heartbreak feels, and will never be the one to break someone else’s heart.