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01 Feb

Guys however, well, I'll wait to hear back from the few I contacted to see how they're faring.

There are a surprising number of interesting and unusual features to explore, such as: There are way too many features here to list however, and it's a format I've yet to come across before. Read the fine print for the terms of service well, as once you've signed up with Be Naughty, you're bound by the rules of the site.

Online dating is the word which will tempt all youngsters especially boys.

Even though there are thousands of online dating websites out there, many of them end up being fake.

Many of the online dating websites out there will literally irritate you by constantly sending emails every day to your registered email address.

Another issue of most of the online dating websites out there is that they will try to take your money by showing your fake photos of hot girls/boys.

Users of the site are initially invited to fill in a personal profile, which includes their own details and a description of the type of person and relationship they are looking for.

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Another quick page to fill out with drop-down questions (do I smoke? A few profiles also showed swinging and long term relationship listed, although on this part of the site, those options weren't options.

is an online dating site for those who do not take dating too seriously.

Those people who use are generally looking for something fun and exciting.

While many relationships that begin with a meeting through end up in marriage or long term commitment, the idea behind the site is to provide an online platform for singles of any age to get in contact with each other for the purpose of having fun.

Anything serious that may develop is down to the individuals.