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She also used to come to my house to talk with my mother. One day she asked me to collect some books from her house which she couldn’t return because she was busy and bring some new ones from the library. She said-The books are in that shelf and you can also look into the wardrobe and if you find any books there too,you can take them too. I started looking in her wardrobe and while searching for books, I found a piece of paper in the corner of the wardrobe. I again thought that it might be useless but then I thought-Whats in the harm in trying to find it out? She said-Whatever,just undo those pants and become full naked as I am. Slowly, I moved down to her beautiful navel and finally onto her pussy.

I first thought it might not be that important,but then I thought that why don’t just take a look at it. One of my friend in the college can read and understand urdu. I said-Well,in case you are forgetting, I am in charge here and you have to obey my command not vice versa. I licked it full for quick 2-3 times then started sucking the clitoris.

She said-Uncle has gone to Bangalore for some official work and children has gone to their granny’s house. She said-Yes,but I have ladies club to take care of my boredom and also You are there na? You must have got some interesting facts and experiences to share. Then I went to Sarala Aunty’s house and knocked at the door. I said-Aunty, I have an important thing which I want to discuss with you.

I smiled and said-I sure do and I will share them with you and so will be the experience that,you will never forget. She opened the door wearing a nighty and said-Arun,you?

I took the piece of paper with the books and said-I am going Aunty. In the college, I asked my friend to read the letter for me and he informed me that somebody named Anil has written this letter to someone named Sarala and he wrote that why she didn’t marry him and married someone else. She was maonign loudly and saying-Ooh yeah baby, I didn’t know about this type. My lover and husband only rubbed it with their hands but never licked it.

She was in the kitchen and said-Did you take all the books? The letter also suggests that they had a physical relationship between them and he would now expose all the things in front of her husband and blackmail her if she doesn’t pay certain ransom to him.

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