Are taeyang and dara dating what to do when computer zes while updating

28 Jan

It all started when a forum user kicked off the rumors by writing that Kim and Park were both seen together at a restaurant, dining alone.

It should be noted there is no photographic proof at the moment, but the rumor is being given credence as it is compared to the recently-confirmed dating rumors between K-drama star Min Hyo Rin () and K-pop group Big Bang member, Taeyang.

The woman was six years older and allegedly owned the transgender nighclub where Seungri filmed an episode of a TV show.

The KVIPs were pissed because GD promised in a radio show prior to the controversy that he will be honest and inform his fans the truth if ever he has a girlfiriend.

Because in less than an hour it already topping various music download chart like melon, monkey3, dosirak & #1 in Cyworld realtime!

Now after a day it is topping all music download charts in Korea!

We know 2NE1 have already been endorsing Etude Cosmetics but this is the fist time that Dara is doing a solo project for Etude.

This previous days Etude & Dara has been releasing teaser photos of the photo shot, events & CF preview of this project, with a tag line “Wanna be Sweet”.

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) And if you’ll notice these days, he ALWAYS wears this Cartier Love Bracelet around.

So hearing that he was dating someone was sort of a surprise,” said CL.

The members then clapped and congratulated Teddy on his new relationship.

) had been circulating lately and I know a lot of you want to know the real deal just like me. It was said that that one of them was his ex-girlfriend.

But I remember I said in my first post that I’ll be posting investigations too. It was around late January to early February and it was about this picture of GD and two other women in a nightclub.