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03 May

Oh Met Gala, you kill us — making us feel all underdressed and inadequate.Fashion's biggest night brought out many avant-garde fashions (although they could've done better, tbh), but that wasn't the end of it.So they've been constantly injured, the butt of every joke and misfortune, much to the audience's amusement, and it seems the universe itself just likes screwing with him. One way this can happen is if the "Dog" character gets into a relationship. It can be them ultimately coming out ahead, or just having a break for once, but it's generally very satisfying to whoever it happens to and any fans that had felt sorry for him.Jaden Smith net worth and salary: Jaden Smith is an American actor and singer who has a net worth of million.

[CLICK HERE] Katy Perry Floats Like A Red Veiled Goddess Down The Met Gala Red Carpet!depicts the life of Christopher Gardner, a homeless salesman whose intelligence and perseverance eventually allow him to become a wealthy stockbroker.Starring opposite his real-life dad, Jaden portrayed Gardner's son, Christopher Jr., who is forced to live on the streets with his father.Jaden Smith has earned his net worth through his many acting roles, but also has many musical talents as well.Jaden was born in Malibu, California and has been acting for the past four years with the promise of even more in the future.Related: Met Gala — Celebrity Twitpics & Instagrams also had artsy-fartsy videos made of the attendees posing around against a background of floral, dotted, checkered, and striped lighting. Filed under: Rihanna • Fashion Smashion • Pharrell • Olsen Twins • Katie Holmes • Jennifer Lopez • Kim Kardashian • Tom Brady • Katy Perry • Selena Gomez • Alex Rodriguez • Jaden Smith • Met Gala • Red Carpet • Valentino • Kylie Jenner • Kendall Jenner • The Weeknd The first Monday in May was a roaring success! In case you missed any of the hottest stars walking the major red carpet, ch-ch-check out the highlights (below)!Celine Dion really let loose during her segment, crawling on the floor and using her shoe as a phone. We knew the Met Gala be one helluva night with designer Rei Kawakubo of the avant-garde fashion house Comme des Garçons being the one honored. Gisele Bündchen & Tom Brady Are Dressed Perfectly For LAST Year's Met Gala Theme — BORING!Smith made his acting debut in the 2006 film Speaking about raising Jaden and his siblings (older half-brother Trey and younger sister Willow), Jada Pinkett Smith said, "We want them to see the reality of life and have a normal experience of having to stand in line and get tickets." The Smith children volunteer regularly at orphanages and nursing homes and donate their belongings to charity."My kids are very willing to give things away because they understand that they have such abundance; they don't have to hoard," their mother says.[CLICK HERE] Tracee Ellis Ross Is Fucking Fabulous On The Met Gala Red Carpet![CLICK HERE] Kylie Jenner Has A Sheer Moment At The Met Gala — But What's Up With This Blonde Wig?