App catalog not updating apps

08 Oct

To get started download the Oracle Secure Workspace app from e Delivery and unzip the package to a local directory. Instructions that document how to configure the Secure Workspace app are located in Chapter 10, "Customizing the Oracle Secure Workspace App." The default Secure Workspace app name is "Workspace," but the "Customizing" chapter documents how to change this name and make other changes, as well.

For an example of a deployment that creates and installs this web server certificate, see Deploying the Web Server Certificate for Site Systems that Run IIS.

Your only option is to delete airwatch and ask user to download the app again from App Catalog to gain managed status.

Hi Jakey, we have a similar issue with our environment, there are some applications from app catalog is not getting downloaded to IOS device, when the end user tries to download the application it says processing and nothing happens.

Deploy a web server certificate to the site system servers that will run the Application Catalog website point and the Application Catalog web service point.

Additionally, if you want clients to access the Application Catalog from the Internet, deploy a web server certificate to at least one management point site system server and configure it for client connections from the Internet.