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20 Dec

Since coming out, I’ve shared stories and memes on Facebook about “killing child molesters.” Now my family has alienated me.

My mother actually told me I needed to be in a mental hospital.

My mother and aunts help my grandfather with everything, and pretend that nothing happened.

We all have a story, we all express our feelings in different way, we all react to things differently.CONTENT DISCLAIMER: ( Absolutely everything discussed here or on any of my other means of communication is FANTASY ONLY and has ABSOLUTELY NO bearing on real-life actions or intentions.)LEGAL PRIVACY POLICY: ( Any UNAUTHORIZED use of my profile, video, pictures or audio in any form or in a forum now or in the future is NOT permissible without my expressed written consent.If the 16-year-old charged with criminally negligent homicide is ruled delinquent in family court, she would likely face community supervision and treatment until she is 19, reports Delaware Online.Had she been tried in adult court and convicted, she reportedly could have faced a sentence of up to eight years.“While this is [the teen’s] first contact with the justice system, it is a tragic one with a horrific outcome, an outcome that will have a longstanding impact on a family, a school and a community for many years,” Delaware Family Court Judge Robert B. “Whether [the teen] is tried in the Family Court or in the Superior Court, that outcome will not change; the senseless loss of a young girl’s life cannot be undone nor will the pain inflicted upon her family ever be extinguished.”However, the judge ruled that the state hadn’t proved that an adult correctional facility would be “the only available remedy in order to protect the public and make the child a useful member of society,” and found the girl to be amenable to rehabilitation under the family court system.Amy died aged 87 at some point prior to 2012 after allowing a Weeping Angel to send her back in time, hoping to be reunited with her husband.She was buried beside Rory in a graveyard in New York City. Her parents, Augustus and Tabetha Pond, were swallowed by the crack in her wall, and Amelia was raised by her aunt Sharon in the small town of Leadworth.The judge also suggested that the prosecution had exaggerated when saying the victim’s fingernails had been “ripped” or “torn” off.According to the medical examiner, Joyner-Francis had long, artificial nails, some of which were broken during the struggle, partially exposing the underlying nail bed.Even though I specifically told them my daughter is not allowed at my grandfather’s house, my mother took her to see him.After that, I called my mother “a piece of crap,” and I haven’t spoken to her since. They all are acting absolutely arse-backward and are totally unfair.