Alvarez yairi guitar dating

08 Sep

ALSO there is another yairi guitar site on yahoo that is a lot more active then this one. Yairi guitars sold through Alvarez, but there is also other information as well.

Thanks Lane I have played some Yairi guitars and they are wonderful guitars.D=5&Item ID=128 i had a mf90 (which i bought used because of the specs & price) learned that just because a guitar is all solid wood doesn't mean it will sound better than a solid top/laminate back & sides model in this case (imho) i don't believe the upgrade (braz) is worth the $ Music123 i would liken the difference between alvarez & yairi to a takamine or yamaha guitar built in different countries overseas - one will have a much lower price point & offer either more inlay or exotic woods, the other will claim more "hand-crafting", master builders, etc some of the guitars are pretty nice - it all depends if it's worth the $ (to you) So is the Alvarez built in China and the Yairi built in Japan? I am a bit out of practice, but I hope I shall be understood.... Yairi in the style of a Martin D 35/45, most similar to a YW 1000. There are also a lot of photos on the Yahoo-Yairi website to look at for comparison. Bruce in Oregon usa Hi i own a k yairi dy50 made in 1980 in japan. The problem is just that my guitar should be a YW 1000, but the numbers on the label under "model" could mean everything, but definitely n o t YW 1000!If they came with a 1 3/4" nut I would be owning one.alvarez makes some very nice solid top models (imho) - i am especially fond of the rf20sm Every now and then I see a used JY-84, a jumbo model, will come up on Ebay.I would just love to play and own one but they only come with a 1 11/16" nut which is abit too thin for me. The new order, the date - the date - 100 mandolins in Japan .. This guitar is no longer available (sold in 15 April 2007) for sale..I was looking at some dreads and an Alvarez MD5000 (solid Braz back and sides) came up and then some Alavarez Yairi's an DYM 96 and 94 (IR and Mahog) at the same price point as the brazilian. Work your ass you can see the dates should not be used swinger couple dating vintage acoustic guitar .. Alvarez guitar is what I use quite often in the amplifier and electric guitar dating.. I am a local pawn shop, I found this guitar while ago. Please contact the manufacturer and model of guitar collector guitar ...