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31 Aug

NAVAL PAPERS HELD IN LEDGERS RN and RNVR ratings’ papers are bound in volumes (Engagement Ledgers) in service number order and the principal documents to be found therein are original attestation or enlistment papers.

However, some individual records can be more extensive. Details of previous Mercantile Marine service can also be found.

The following are the main categories of these documents. ROYAL NAVY SERVICE RECORDS : In these Engagement Ledgers some 6,500 individuals are held, comprising only those ratings who did not permanently transfer to the RAF in April 1918 or who were discharged before the RAF formed.

Those engagement papers which were handed over to the RAF have since been destroyed.

Wherever you are, however, you’re guaranteed great adventures and memories for life. Welcome to ‘Kalaallit Nunaat’ – the land of the Greenlandic Inuit.

Welcome to Air Greenland Air Greenland is Greenland’s principal airline.

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The air service (and sailing) in these areas under a so-called service contract for the Government of Greenland, are now operated by the Disko Line shipping company.

From Qaanaaq in the north to Nanortalik in the south; from Tasiilaq in the east to Ilulissat in the west.