Nuclear engineers are on vacation

Russian nuclear engineers arrested for Bitcoin mining

Engineers at a nuclear research center have been arrested in Russia. They misused the powerful computers to generate bitcoins.

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Several engineers at an important Russian nuclear research center have been arrested. According to the institute, they wanted to generate the crypto currency Bitcoin with the powerful computers there.

The employees of the nuclear research center in the city of Sarov were "stopped in time," said a spokeswoman for the research facility on Friday for the Interfax news agency. As far as she knew, criminal proceedings had been initiated against the suspects. The spokeswoman did not say how many employees there are.

One of the most powerful computers in the world

The nuclear research center is working on the development of nuclear weapons in particular; access is strictly limited. A supercomputer was installed there in 2011, according to Russian television it was one of the twelve most powerful computers in the world at the time.

The Internet currency Bitcoin is created through complex arithmetic operations, known as "mining". The more powerful the computers are, the faster the virtual means of payment can be mined.

Bitcoin has come up and down in the past few weeks. Six weeks ago it peaked at almost $ 20,000. The soaring of the digital currency had always attracted new investors at the end of 2017. After that, however, it slipped.

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