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Water filter comparison 2021

  • Different types of water filters are available - filters for taps or domestic water systems as well as table water conditioners. While filters for taps and the domestic water system have to be installed, a table water filter works without installation.
  • Drug residues, pesticides and other environmental toxins can be harmful to health. Table water filters are designed to filter out such pollutants from the tap water if necessary.
  • Some water filters also filter limescale out of the water to make it softer. Tea and coffee in particular taste better with soft water.

The quality of tap water is very high in Germany. Nevertheless, it cannot be ruled out that even if all limit values ​​are complied with, small amounts of various Pollutants get into the water. These include residues from medicines and pesticides used in agriculture. These then land directly in the glass or in the saucepan from the tap.

The following is about Water filters that are used, among other things, to remove these substances from the water. There are different types of water filters. This guide is essentially about the table water filter. We also briefly introduce you to water filters for the tap and for the domestic water system.

We will also tell you what you should look out for when buying a water filter, for example with regard to its features. We have our knowledge of this from various water filter and water purifier tests that we have read through for you.

At the end of the guide, we will answer various questions about the use of a water filter. Among other things, it is about how often you have to change a filter cartridge.

1. How does a water filter ensure better water quality?

It is not only important for your health to drink enough. The water quality should also be good.

The goal of the water filter is for one better quality of drinking water to ensure by filtering out pollutants. The pollutants get into the water for various reasons.

For example, through conventional agriculture, pesticides and fertilizers get into the groundwater and from there into the drinking water. Medication residues get into the water in a number of ways. One way is wastewater, when tablets and the like are disposed of via the toilet flush or residues are excreted after taking medication. The other way is through the manure from animals that have been treated with antibiotics and hormones.

In addition there is also Filter systems that make hard water softer. With these, the water filter filters lime out of the water. Soft water not only leads to a better taste or aroma when making tea and coffee. It also ensures that the kettle and coffee machine, for example, do not get too limescale. This means that you save yourself time and effort because you have to descale less.

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2. What are the different types of water filters?

Our guide is primarily about the so-called table water filters. For the sake of completeness, however, we are giving you an overview of different types of water filters for household and kitchen. A general distinction is made between filters for taps, domestic water systems and table water conditioners.

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Types of water filtersproperties
Table water filter
  • are manually filled with tap water
  • regularly deliver between 1 and 2 liters of filtered water at once
  • often plastic jugs
  • no installation effort
Water filter for the tap
  • provide filtered drinking water straight from the tap
  • Built-in filters for the faucet, table-top water filters or under-table water filters
  • The built-in filter is mounted directly on the tap
  • Countertop water filters are next to the sink and are connected to the tap via a hose
  • Undercounter water filters are connected to the tap under the sink
Water filter for the house connection
  • central water treatment
  • are connected to the domestic water system
  • in addition to the legally required filter in building services
  • filtered water throughout the house, including flushing the toilet

There are also outdoor water filters. You can use these to filter the water from streams or mountain lakes, for example, to free it from suspended matter, microorganisms and the like. The water filters for outdoor use are special small and compact.

3. How do you use our buying advice to buy a water filter?

If you want to buy a water filter of the table water or drinking water filter type, you should pay attention to the following criteria.

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3.1. The capacity - an important criterion in water filter tests

A distinction is made between the capacity of a water filter Total volume (l) and the volume of filtered water. Usually the total volume (l) of a small water filter is between 2 l and 3 l. The volume of filtered water in these water filters is approximately 1 l to 1.6 l.

Large water filters score with a large capacity. This is around 3.5 l in total. In terms of filtered water, the large water filters deliver around 2 liters at a time.

Whether a smaller or larger water filter is more suitable for you depends on the circumstances, such as the size of the household and the average water consumption. To help you make a decision, take a look at the basic advantages and disadvantages of a large water filter compared to a smaller water filter with a volume of 1 l to 1.6 l for filtered water:

  • larger capacity or more water is filtered at once
  • less effort for more filtered water
  • more unwieldy than smaller models
  • may not fit in the refrigerator

3.2. Filter speed and performance

If you don't want to wait longer than necessary for your filtered water, you should get one if possible high filter speed be careful when buying a water filter. On average, the water filters manage 1 liter in 1 to 2 minutes.

Another issue is filter performance. Depending on Filter technology you can filter more or less pollutants, reduce the lime content and improve the taste. Therefore, think about your goal when filtering the water and then choose the right water filter.

3.3. Repurchasing the filter cartridges

The filter cartridges must be replaced regularly. This results in follow-up costs.

When choosing the water filter, you should not only compare the purchase prices of the devices, but also those Exchange cartridge pricesto estimate what follow-up costs you will have to face with the respective models.

Sometimes a few filter cartridges to change are already included, so that you save follow-up costs for the first time. In return, the purchase price is usually a little higher. It is then important to calculate which variant is cheaper.

3.4. The design and the equipment

Your taste also plays a major role in the design and equipment. Many water filter jugs are made of plastic, but there are also glass jugs. A narrow design is advantageous so that the water filter fits into the refrigerator door. In the case of the filling opening, however, wide or large is better. This makes it easier to fill in the water.

In addition, one is practical Filter change indicator, which indicates when the filter needs to be replaced, and a Anti-slip floorthat prevents the water filter from slipping on smooth work surfaces. If you want to save yourself washing up, make sure that the water filter is dishwasher safe. You can see how the water filters from our 2021 water filter comparison are equipped in the comparison table above.

4. What variety of brands of water filters can you choose from?

There are many different manufacturers of water filters. A very well-known brand for water filters is Brita. In addition, the following manufacturers also have water filters in their range:

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  • AEG
  • BWT
  • PearlCo
  • Purway
  • Stelton
  • WMF.

Tip: You can get water filters both online and in specialist shops. Sometimes discounters such as Lidl, Aldi and Co. also have cheap water filters on offer.

5. Important questions about the use of a water filter

Finally, there are three important questions to be answered that are related to the use of a water filter.

5.1. How useful is a water filter?

If you drink filtered tap water, you don't need to carry water crates.

There is no general answer to this question. It depends on the water filter model used. A water filter that does not deliver what it says makes less sense than one with good filter properties.

To prevent germs from settling in the water filter, it is important that water filters are used properly. This means in particular that they are adequately cleaned and their filter cartridges are replaced regularly and, above all, in good time. Otherwise, a water filter is counterproductive because it can allow bacteria and germs to get into the water.

In any case, filtering the water from the pipe saves you having to lug around water boxes. This not only protects your back, but also saves a lot of time.

The The last water filter test by Stiftung Warentest is from 2015. Nine small water filters were tested. The three best water filters and thus also the water filter test winner only achieved a satisfactory result. There is currently no water filter test by Ökotest.

5.2. How is a water filter cleaned?

If the table water filter is dishwasher-safe, the dishwasher does this job for you. Otherwise you will have to wash it off by hand. Use one for that mild detergent.

Above all, it is important that you remove the jug of the water filter clean regularly to prevent bacteria and germs from settling and get into the drinking water. The filter cartridge cannot be cleaned. It has to be changed from time to time.

5.3. How often does the water filter have to be changed?

The hardness of the water

The degree of hardness of the water is given in dH (German hardness). A distinction is made between the following three hardness ranges:

  • soft: less than 8.4 degrees dH
  • medium: 8.4 to 14 degrees dH
  • hard: more than 14 degrees dH

That depends on various factors. In any case, the information provided by the manufacturer of the drinking water filter is decisive. Usually the cartridge needs a water filter after four weeks at the latest be exchanged - regardless of the amount of filtered water and the water hardness. This is important in order to avoid the development of germs.

If the water is hard enough and there is a large amount of filtered water, it may be necessary to replace the filter cartridge earlier. The harder your tap water is, the less water can be filtered with the same cartridge of a water filter. On average, you can use most activated carbon water filters a maximum of 180 liters of water can be filtered.

Tip: You can find out the hardness of the water that comes out of your tap from your water supply company. Alternatively, you also have the option of researching the values ​​on the Internet.

If your water filter has a filter change indicator, you should urgently replace the filter when it is displayed. Without a display, especially with activated charcoal filters, you should change the cartridge too early rather than too late. Because if the filter is full, there is a risk that the substances stored in it will be released back into the water in concentrated form.

Brita water filter Marella
Bestseller: A comparison of the most frequently rated product by buyers on Amazon
Currently available from € 21.99
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Volume of filtered water1.4 l
Capacity2.4 l
"Does the Brita Marella water filter filter all minerals out of the water?""The filter cartridges of the Brita water filter Marella reduce the excess supply of calcium and magnesium, which often occurs in tap water, without completely excluding the minerals."
BWT Vida 2.6 l
Cheapest product in comparison
Currently available from € 13.99
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Volume of filtered water1.4 l
Capacity2.6 l
Where can I get spare parts, such as the lid, for the BWT Vida 2.6 l filter jug?The manufacturer of this filter jug ​​(BWT) should be able to provide you with more detailed information or the spare parts.
Brita Marella Cool knows
Currently available from € 29.40
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Volume of filtered water1.5 l
Capacity2.4 l
Is the BRITA water filter so compact that it fits in the inside door of a refrigerator?Yes, this BRITA water filter fits perfectly into the inside door of a refrigerator.

Which are the best water filters from our water filter test or comparison 2021?

Choose your personal water filter test winner from the following list:

  • 1st place - very good (comparison winner): Brita water filter Marella - from 21.99 euros
  • 2nd place - very good: Brita Marella Cool knows - from 29.40 euros
  • 3rd place - very good: PearlCo Astra water filter - from 59.90 euros
  • 4th place - good: BWT Vida 2.6 l - from 13.99 euros
  • 5th place - good: AQUAPHOR Onyx B218 - from 23.95 euros
  • 6th place - good: LEVOIT LV110WP-3X - from 27.99 euros
  • 7th place - good: AcalaQuell One - from 74.90 euros
  • 8th place - good: Stelton water filter jug ​​- from 39.23 euros

So that you can choose either the 3 "very good" water filter models or the 5 "good" water filter models despite the particularly large selection of different water filter models, the table also contains the comparison winner Brita water filter Marella and the price as an orientation aid Performance winner BWT Vida 2.6 l for 13.99 euros.

The variety of products from the manufacturer Brita includes more than just one excellent product. 2 of the 8 "good" and "very good" water filters from the above comparison table for water filter comparison can be assigned to the well-known brand.

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How many different manufacturers are examined and rated in the water filter comparison?

The editorial team examines and evaluates a total of 7 different manufacturers for you. More precisely, the experts compared and rated models from Brita, PearlCo, BWT, Aquaphor, LEVOIT, AcalaQuell or Stelton. More information "

How much do I have to pay at least for a water filter?

You can buy the cheapest water filter for 13.99 euros, a maximum of 74.90 euros for a water filter. More information under water filter test. More information "

Which water filter is particularly popular with customers?

Customers rated the Brita water filter Marella a total of 10791 times - it is the most frequently rated water filter in our product comparison. In contrast, the Brita water filter Marella received the most stars on average. More information "

Which water filters clearly stand out from the competition in the evaluation?

The following products deserve special mention due to the rating "VERY GOOD" by the editorial team:

  • Brita water filter Marella
  • Brita Marella Cool knows
  • PearlCo water filter Astra
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Which well-known models does the water filter comparison contain?

If you want to buy a water filter, the following list may help you, which summarizes our water filter comparison (or test) again:

  • Stelton water filter jug
  • AcalaQuell One
  • AQUAPHOR Onyx B218
  • BWT Vida 2.6 l
  • PearlCo water filter Astra
  • Brita Marella Cool knows
  • Brita water filter Marella
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Which other products, similar to those from the water filter comparison, are recommended to customers?

We recommend water filters as well as BWT water filters, water decalcifying agents and water filter jugs. More information "