Why was Adisakti destined to marry Shiva?

Why was Lord Shiva a Vairagi in the beginning and then turned into a Grihastha?

Lord Shiva (Rudra) was married from the beginning. Puranas such as Bhagavatam, Vishnu Puran etc. report how Rudra was born out of Brahma and Sati, the daughter of Daksha, married when his wife. Below is a description of Vishnu Purana:

Brahma later began the process of creation. During this time he wished for a child like himself. Then a blue and red colored child appeared on his lap and started crying when he asked for a name. Brahma called him Rudra, but he was still crying. So Brahma gave him seven more names. They are: Bhava, Sarva, Ishana, Pashupati, Bhima, Ugra and Mahadeva. Rudra married Sati, the daughter of Daksha . Sati, resenting Daksha, gave up her life and was reborn as Parvati, the daughter of Himavat and Mena. Then Hara (Shiva) married Parvati again. [VP - 1.8.2-14]

But after Sati poured Sati's body, it resumed its ascetic form. However, the demon Tarakasura had the blessing that he would only be killed by Shiva's son. Perhaps he thought Siva was an ascetic and would not marry and therefore would not have a son. But the gods asked Himavat to accept Parvati as his daughter and then suggested Kamadeva burden Shiva with the desire for marriage. But Shiva burned Kama to ashes. Then the gods asked Shiva to marry Parvati and father a son so that Tarakasura could be killed. So Lord Shiva said to them:

nocita hi vidhānaṃ vai vivāhakaraṇaṃ nṛṇām
mahānigaḍasaṃjño hi vivaha druḍhabandhanaḥ
kusaṃgā bahavo loke strisaṃgastatra cādhikaḥ
uddharetsakalebaindhairna strisamgātpramucyate [Shiva Pu. -]

As far as possible, man should not marry. The marriage known as a chain is a very strong bond. Usually there are many Kusanga (bad associations) in the world, but the association with women is the worst of them all. You can get rid of other bad associations, but not a woman.

But because Lord Shiva loves devotees and saves , instead of his displeasure, he agreed to the gods' proposal and became one Grihasta (Family man) :

bhaktadhino'hamevāsmi taddaśātsarvakāryakrut
ayathocitakartā hi prasiddhau bhubanatraye
nāsti yadyāpi me kaścidihakaraṇe ruciḥ
vivahayiṣye girijāṃ putrotpādanahetave [Sv. Pooh -2,24,67,75]

Since I am among my followers, I do all of their work. Even I'm famous in all three worlds as someone who does the odd job. Although I have no inclination or preference for these things, I will marry Parvati in order to father a son.

The Mahabharat has another version of the story in which the gods prevent Shiva from fathering a son as it would be violent enough to devour the whole world. So Shiva pulls up his sperm and has therefore been since that day Urdhareta (one who has ingested his sperm) called. Generally, the Yogu ascetics are considered to be Urdharetas known .

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Please share the sources, Shiva Puran says that Vishnu and Brahma were created from Aadi Anant JyotirStambha by Shiva. When there was a dispute between Brahma and Vishnu about who is the Most High, Shiva appeared at that time as Jyotirstambha and asked both of them to reach the beginning and the end. Vishnu traveled down to get the end and Brahma traveled up to get the beginning, but both failed thinking there was no end to Shiva and asked Shiva to guide them. In this story, Brahma lied that he had reached the beginning. So Shiva forbade his worship in Hinduism.

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than they look?

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@SidM yes you are right about the origin story. Some Shaiva Puranas mention Brahma and Vishnu coming from Shiva. But this Shiva means the supreme being Brahman, and the various rudras that come from Brahma are not the supreme god. There is a subtle difference. The Linga Purana ch. 22, Shiva Pu. Rudra Samhita Ch. 15, Kurma Pu. CH. 1.10, Vishnu Pu. CH. 1.8 etc. have the story of Rudra's origin from Brahma after his battle with Vishnu was over.

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@jabhar: Can you please share the sources you say about?

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These sources will also help support your answer.