What is your experience with Vistara Airlines?

Singapore Airlines attacks Emirates and Co. with Vistara

The golf airlines make life difficult for other airlines on long-haul routes. Low prices and good service attract more and more passengers to the connecting flights via Abu Dhabi, Doha or Dubai. The rise of Etihad, Qatar, Emirates also hit Singapore Airlines. Now the airline is striking back, at least in India, with Vistara participating there.

Vistara's first international route has just opened - it runs from Singapore to Delhi. But that's not supposed to be all. The airline is already expecting its first real long-haul aircraft in February - a Boeing 787-9. A total of six Dreamliners have been ordered for Vistara. Overall, the fleet is expected to almost double this year: from 22 aircraft to 41.

To Europe and North America?

The long-haul airliners are no longer just going to Singapore, but rather on the routes on which the golf airlines are traditionally strong: those to the west. Data from the news portal Bloomberg shows that Emirates alone controls around 15 percent of the market on routes to India. Vistara boss Leslie Thng is still covered when it comes to future routes with the Dreamliners. But he talks about getting the ┬źflexibility┬╗ to fly to Europe.

In addition, today's partnerships are indications of where Vistara could go, the manager continued. Among other things, the airline currently has codeshare agreements with British Airways and United Airlines. Singapore holds 49 percent of Vistara, the remaining 51 percent belong to the Indian conglomerate Tata Group.