Is there a GTA book

Book of the Future: Have You Read The New GTA?

The book will be interactive and social, will be heard again at the book fair next week. It used to be a trade and license fair. Today people in Frankfurt worry and worry about the future. At conferences such as CONTEC and StoryDrive, the question of what books, publishers and authors will be doing in the future is being investigated.

The reader is allowed to help shape and contribute. Stories are no longer tied to paper and electronics, the boundaries between film and games are blurring.

Is that supposed to be the future? I experience that every evening! I play GTA V.

In order to find out something about “new forms of storytelling”, you don't actually have to hang around at congresses, you just have to invest around 65 euros and buy the game. Ok, admittedly, you also need an Xbox or Playstation.

But then you experience a story that you can immerse yourself in, the dramaturgy of which has been determined by an author, but in which you determine the pace and detours yourself. And all of it multimedia - or rather transmedial, as they say today (because multimedia is sooo 1990s). A story in which animations, films and music are integrated. A story that you can enjoy at home and that accompanies you on your smartphone when you are out and about. Immerse yourself in another world and a new form of storytelling. And a story that you can share with others about and which you can sometimes experience together.

These are all sentences that one often hears when speaking at the conference new form of the book or of storytelling speaks.

A game is a game is a game is a game?

But nobody would call GTA a book, let alone a new form of literature. It's in the computer games drawer, but basically it extends far beyond that. It is a new way of telling and experiencing stories that have never been seen before in this size, detail and freedom for the player. But is this still a game? Am I still a player? Or shouldn't new terms have to be found long ago? I am a player, I am a spectator. I seem to act freely and am still surprised by a writer who wrote a script for all of this without it being a film.

A world with big asses

GTA is exaggerated, is violent. But so are many psychological thrillers. And yet GTA is rich in detail in the figure drawing - also optically. The same, slim, good-looking SIMS-like computer people no longer exist here. You also see people with big bums and beautiful and less beautiful faces. And unlike in other games, computer people don't look alike every few meters on the streets.

GTA is a gangster story, but just imagine what else you could tell here. A horror story? Or how about a comedy? A love story that goes to the heart? A hero's journey? The GTA makers have already shown with Red Dead Redemption how you can tell a western nowadays with a very complex, broken hero. And a game expansion even turned it into a zombie world.

While there is talk of “new forms of storytelling”, these have long existed, even if they are declared as a game and because of this declaration they remain inaccessible to many. The book doesn't have to prove itself there. Because e-books with films or the possibility of changing the course of action here and there via hyperlink seem helpless. In addition, publishers will not have the 200 million euros that the production and marketing of GTA V cost, but which it should have brought back in after three days.

Can the book still compete there? Or should the question be: Got to the book compete there? In terms of attention and the »media usage budget« for sure. But otherwise?

The future of the book does not lie just in its text form, whether paper or e-reader? Everything else has long been done better by others.

Wolfgang Tischer

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