What was your most disgusting celebrity experience

Olympic stars swim next to corpses and use condoms

You swim here at your own risk. On August 15 and 16, as part of the Summer Olympic Games in Rio, the 10-kilometer open water swimming competitions will take place in Guanabara Bay. Perhaps the most disgusting challenge of their careers awaits the athletes.

The cleaning of the bay was one of the critical points in the Olympic bid. But the water quality is still a cause for concern. "This water is a toilet", the marine biologist Mario Moscatelli told the TV station CBS. For our Olympians Isabelle Härle (28) and Christian Reichelt: shut your mouth, close your eyes and through, because swallowing the water could have health consequences. The German sailor Erik Heil became infected with multi-resistant germs in a test regatta last year. Yuck!

Used condoms, animal carcasses, rubbish - and that's not even the worst that threatens water sports enthusiasts. The New York Times One fisherman said he recently saw a body with its legs gagged again. Not unusual in Rio. More like the body was still whole. Otherwise only body parts will be washed ashore: feet, arms or heads. Worse than these visible dangers, however, are the invisible ones. Germs, viruses, bacteria are the real threat in the waters of Guanabara. You shouldn't dare to go into the water without a hepatitis A vaccination. No way, swimming is healthy.

3.6 billion euros should be invested in environmental protection. In fact, only 150 million flowed. Where did the money go? There are no answers to this question (yet). Pumping pipes should now help in the short term. The disgust for the athletes remains.

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