What is Christmas brunch

Christmas brunch the relaxed way

Because a brunch - a mixture of “breakfast” and “lunch” in the late morning - is a wonderful alternative to entertaining friends or family. And if you plan and prepare skillfully, you don't even have that much work to do with it. EAT SMARTER not only knows the best winter brunch ideas, but also a number of practical tips so that not only the guests but also the hosts have fun.

The qualified oecotrophologist Silvia Bücker, who has been providing culinary delights for private festivities in Hamburg ([email protected]), recommends a buffet: “It's much more relaxed than for the brunch hosts as well as for the guests a large set table at which someone keeps asking if someone can hand over the sausage platter or the orange juice. That just disturbs the conversation. "

The invitation - three to four weeks in advance

The sooner the better: Especially in the run-up to Christmas and around the festive season, the appointments increase for everyone. You should therefore invite them in good time - ideally simply via email, Facebook or telephone.

  • Set the date and time at least three weeks in advance.
  • Beginning between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. for adult guests, for families with children from 10 a.m.
  • It is best to only invite as many guests as you can comfortably seat around a table.
  • Ask for binding acceptances or rejections no later than one week before the Christmas brunch.
  • Ideally, set the end of the brunch straight away (e.g. by planning a joint conclusion à la snowman, tobogganing or going for a walk).

The preparation - one to two weeks beforehand

Good preparation is everything: If you start organizing in good time, you can enjoy your party in a relaxed manner.

  • If necessary, borrow additional tables and chairs from friends / neighbors.
  • Book older young people from acquaintances, friends or relatives as background support - e.g. for making coffee and tea, refilling drinks, adding more at the buffet, clearing dishes, equipping the dishwasher, etc.
  • Get a narrow table for the brunch buffet (if not available). So everyone can get to wherever they want.
  • Tip: Then build the buffet later in several levels, which you can easily create by turning large bowls and pots - covered with a white tablecloth.
  • Get drinks: coffee, tea, cocoa for the children, juices, water and sparkling foods (sparkling wine, prosecco, cava, champagne). Pre-order bread / rolls from the bakery.
  • Borrow a second coffee machine and enough warming jugs.
  • Determine the decoration: Fir green, Christmas-scented tea lights (cinnamon, vanilla, orange) and Christmas treats (chocolate balls, mini marzipan breads, etc.) scattered over the table don't do a lot of work, but conjure up a Christmas atmosphere on the table.

Brunch ideas for the buffet - one to two weeks in advance

Now is the time to start thinking about the buffet. In addition to ingredients for a classic late-riser breakfast such as cold cuts and cheese platters, honey, jam and eggs, a typical brunch also includes a few hearty and sweet highlights - warm or cold. Buffet expert Silvia Bücker recommends the following combination for the season:

  • Cream soup made from winter vegetables (tuber, root and cabbage vegetables)
  • Hearty quiche or tart (e.g. with spinach, onions, kale)
  • Vegetables pickled in oil (cold-pressed rapeseed or olive oil)
  • Muesli (e.g. Bircher muesli prepared the day before) or ready-to-eat muesli with milk / yoghurt
  • Fruit platter with exotic fruits (orange, tangerine, pineapple, grapefruit, pomelo, kiwi), with honey-yoghurt cream or cinnamon quark
  • Christmas pastries (e.g. winter cakes, muffins, stollen, fruit bread)

That sounds more time-consuming than it is - because a lot of it can be prepared days in advance: freeze the soup ready-made and seasoned, bake quiches / tarts the day before and only warm them up later in the oven, put vegetables a week in advance, and add Christmas-sweet pastries Bake up to two days in advance (ideally three stollen, fruit bread a week in advance).

The final - the day before

So that you don't greet your guests bathed in sweat and exasperated at the Christmas brunch, you should do as many preparations as possible the day before:

  • Set the table, prepare the buffet table (including decorations).
  • Chill drinks.
  • Thaw frozen food (soup).
  • Mix the quark / yoghurt (cover and keep in a cool place!).

So well prepared, you are guaranteed to have just as much fun at your Christmas brunch as your guests!

Rapeseed oil: refined or cold-pressed?

The days of handling a single bottle of oil in the kitchen are long gone. Fortunately, because vegetable oils are no longer just used as frying fat, but enrich numerous dishes with valuable fatty acids and typical flavors.

Cold-pressed rapeseed oil
Cold-pressed rapeseed oil is particularly suitable for cold dishes, because the gently extracted oil does not tolerate excessive heat. Its nutty aroma and delicate fragrance are particularly effective in salad dressings, marinades, dips and homemade mayonnaise. The deep yellow oil specialty is also ideal for pickling vegetables.

Refined rapeseed oil
The tasteless refined rapeseed oil is an all-round talent in the kitchen. Roasting, baking, braising and even deep-frying - the robust, light yellow and highly heatable oil can do anything and, like the cold-pressed version, also brings many healthy fatty acids into play. Refined rapeseed oil is also exactly the right choice for a salad dressing in which the oil shouldn't suppress the flavors of the other ingredients.