How does ISKCON see Sikhism

Should we consider ISKCON followers as Hindus or not? [closed]

ISKCON is obviously a Hindu organization as its disciplinary succession to Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and his philosophical doctrine of Achintya Bhedabheda goes back, based on Hindu scriptures. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu's disciplinary succession goes back to Madhavendra Puri, who is believed to be part of Madhavacharya's lineage. Since it is a Vaishnava Sampradaya acts are his followers are definitely Hindus.

The western followers of it, however, are Hindu at best, just by belief or practice. You are not considered a Hindu due to a lack of Hindu birth . Therefore, they are not allowed to enter the Jagannatha Temple in Puri, which is only reserved for Hindus.

But it is wrong to believe that they are not Hindus just because they believe that Bhakti the only way to Mukti is . There are many sects, many beliefs in Hinduism that are quite opposite to each other. But all of them are part of Hinduism. ISKCON happens to be preaching the easy way of Bhkati (singing Krishna's name) which is appropriate for this age as suggested in the scriptures.

Keshav Srinivasan ♦

"You are not considered a Hindu due to the lack of Hindu birth." That is a very controversial claim. Many Hindus consider people to be Hindus even if they were not born into the religion. Now, the Puri Jagnnath Temple may not consider Western followers of Hinduism to be Hindus, but that is hardly a universal feeling.

Keshav Srinivasan ♦

Personally, I think the way to judge whether western ISKCON members are Hindu is to simply judge whether ISKCON is Hindu. And in a broader sense, I think that the distinction between Astika and Nastika is the way to judge who is Hindu and who is not.


I read about her books on Janmashtami during my voluntary service in Vrindavan, it wrote a lot of negative things about women. So I decided to avoid their misleading practices.

Pradip Gangopadhyay

I have to disagree with the claim that they are not considered Hindu due to a lack of Hindu birth. If this is true then how would one classify the millions of Indonesian Hindus?