How did you escape a cult

Star cult - why we like heroes so much

by Holm Kräusche


Fame is the engine of our modern times. Everyone chases after the likes and clicks on YouTube, Facebook or Vine. But fame is a double-edged sword. The really famous keep reporting fan attacks and constant stalking. The young YouTube stars Unge und Dner have only just moved into new homes to escape their fans. They keep the new stays a secret. The cult around their person has become too much for them. They can no longer bear to be exposed to the darker side of their profession.

Star cult and hero worship

Star cult is now called what used to be hero worship. In ancient Greece it was men like Hercules and Achilles. They are said to have accomplished fabulous deeds and were worshiped for it. They stood for the values ​​of courage, strength and wisdom.

Modern heroes take on the role of a role model whose values ​​we follow or whose life paths we are inspired by. Dner and Unge have their finger on the pulse of the times, speak like we do, do cool things and get to know life. We can follow their ups and downs, while traveling or in computer games. They define our language, shape terms like Joonge and we can hold on to their values. Unge is a vegetarian, has dreadlocks and goes longboard. Wouldn't that be something for me?

A star - what is it?

To become a star, you need three things: success, image and continuity. The better the star has the individual components under control and builds them up, the better known and popular he will become.

But is star cult cool? Is Unge a modern hero? I doubt it. Surely he's a personality and a self-creating brand that makes a lot of money. But does he defeat a dragon, save a country or do he stand up for special values ​​besides being a vegetarian?

For me, modern heroes are people like Bill Clinton who do good through their lives. Clinton was President of the United States at some point and led this country. He worked hard and saw a lot. This Bill Clinton traveled to North Korea in 2009 to meet Kim Jong Il and obtained the release of two journalists who had been sentenced to twelve years in a labor camp. I picture this man in the door of my prison telling me, "I talked to Kim, you are free." - That is heroic.

My grandpa is such a hero too. He is 75, has worked for many years, is helpful and likes to pass on his experience. He supports his family with advice, action and money. He gives orientation. That's something he has in common with today's stars. They help us find our way.

The downsides

Fame is a double-edged sword. Dner says in this video: “Meeting viewers in everyday life, I don't associate anything positive with that.” He explains for a long time how he sees fame. He talks about holes he falls into after a trip. A star always has to deliver and be there for his fans.

He must constantly represent the personality he has built. He is even financially dependent on it. As fans, we have to be careful not to get lost. Being a star is a one-way relationship in the first place. Everyone knows you, but you don't know anyone. In addition, these stars earn their money with us. Depicting something very specific pays their rent. Do we know if they are really like that? They want us to believe that, because image is essential.

Anyone can be a hero

Behind the cult of star is our desire for leaders to tell us what to do. But do we want to be lemmings? Perhaps not everyone is the rampage pig, but at least we can all be heroes. Because real heroes represent values ​​and they stand up for them. Doing good, helping others, protecting the weak, fighting for rights, we can all do that. Heroes are people in whom we can place our hopes. A good example is the film character John Connor from the movie "Terminator". Actually, his character can do nothing but represent the pure hope for a free future. Its other component is humility. Every real hero is characterized by this. The ability to give hope that better times will come and everyone can be happy and the humility to be there for others is inherent in everyone.

And that's exactly what we want to get to know heroes. Who is heroic around you and who deserves to be shown in the public eye? Send us your videos and pictures and take part in the competition “Fantastic heroes and real role models. What inspires you? ”Part. We give your heroes the glory they deserve!