Who owns the Balenciaga brand

Everything you need to know about Balenciaga

One of THE luxury brands of the last few years is clearly Balenciaga. The Italian brand has made its name not only in the luxury segment, but also in the streetwear market. Today she is one of the world market leaders among luxury fashion brands. Here you can find out everything you need to know about the fire.

The beginnings of the brand

Balenciaga was founded in Paris in 1937. The creator was the Spanish fashion designer Cristóbal Balenciaga, who gave the brand its name. Balenciaga fashion set groundbreaking trends for the entire fashion world, especially between the 1940s and 1960s. The focus was on high-priced French haute couture. The designer and creator Cristóbal Balenciaga achieved cult status in the fashion world.

After the death of Cristóbal Balenciaga

In 1972 the inventor of the brand died. After that, the company changed hands several times and until the beginning of the 1990s focused mainly on its own perfume division.

New beginning from 1997

From 1997 the French designer Nicolas Ghesquière became chief designer at Balenciaga. He was previously the assistant to the famous fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier for 2 years. In addition, there was a new, financially strong owner. With popular prêt-à-porter fashion collections for women and, since 2002, for men as well as accessories in the upper price segment, Balenciaga was able to climb back into the ranks of the leading Parisian fashion groups.
In 2012, Alexander Wang succeeded Ghesquière, who has been running the fashion brand named after him since 2007. Wang led the company as chief designer until August 2015.

The breakthrough in the streetwear market

In October 2015, the German-Georgian Demna Gvasalia, who owns his own fashion brand Vetements, became the creative director of Balenciaga.

In 2017, Balenciaga made its breakthrough into the mainstream. The fashion company entered the streetwear market with its “Speed ​​Runner” and “Triple S” sneakers and its popularity increased significantly - especially among younger customers. The Speed ​​Runner and Triple S became trendy sneakers around the world and established themselves in the streetwear sector, not just in the luxury market.

Balenciaga Speed ​​Runner

The Speed ​​Runner, also known as the sock sneaker, was the brand's breakthrough in the sneaker market. The simple design of the upper with a logo print on the outside paired with the eye-catching sole has meanwhile become a cult. Many brands have tried to copy it, but the original is the original. The sneaker was temporarily sold out everywhere during its great hype in 2017/2018.


Balenciaga Triple S.

The Triple S sneaker is considered a pioneer among the “dad shoes”, a huge trend for several years. With its chunky appearance, the sneaker initially met with rejection, but at the latest after a few stars and bloggers repeatedly showed themselves in the shoes, the shoe had arrived in society. Today the dad shoe is available in numerous colorways, which sell out quickly, despite its price of 750 €.