We are Goan girls

Lower level

Media, STEM, music and togetherness - the "4 M"

We attach particular importance to four subject areas, which accompany our students in the form of lessons and offers from the 5th grade up to the upper level -

our 4 M.

media: Social media in particular are an important, socially relevant topic. We take responsibility in this area and therefore place a focus of our educational work on dealing with the media and providing the necessary information.

Already in the first half of the 5th grade our youngest learn their computer driver's license, which teaches the use of mail programs, word processing, internet research and more in 12 modules. The pupils expand their knowledge in the 6th grade in handling presentation media and in grade 7 through a DigiCamp. This takes place in cooperation with external partners of the GOA and focuses on Responsible use of social platforms. In this important topic area, your children are also supported from the 5th grade by media scouts from the middle school, who are available as contact persons and provide age-appropriate orientation. The parents' council also offers Media parent evenings for you as parents.

MINT includes the subjects of mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology, for which the GOA offers a wide range of courses for all age groups. The youngest benefit in particular in the NaWi department, which is designed as a combination of natural sciences and technology and includes many practical components in the lessons.

music: For the first time we are offering a music class for age group 5. But beyond the music class, there is a very diverse range of activities at the GOA: the various choirs, the support band, the big band or the two orchestras. Here your children can discover or deepen their musical skills and have fun at numerous performances of the most varied of concerts.

Together: We attach particular importance to imparting social skills and respectful interaction with one another. The ability to work in a team, to support one another and to be able to build social networks are becoming more and more important. The pupils learn to perceive themselves and others in their group behavior more precisely and to contribute productively to a community. The class leaders of the observation level are in the Lions Quest Program professionally trained.

Further examples that strengthen the togetherness are the weekly embedded in the timetable Class council hour, Class mentors from levels 9 and 10 as well as the concept of Media scouts to look after the youngest. School paramedics, learning trainers From their own and for their own student body, the sports lessons in year 5 focused on social skills as well as the social projects anchored in the social curriculum in class 7 ensure lasting community experiences. The annual Trip of the student council of all ages in seminar form and the cross-class and experiential-based education Step journey at the beginning of the sixth grade complement the repertoire sensibly.

The new students do in the so-called Orientation area another special teaching experience. So they work on one in two semesters of the observation level interdisciplinary project, in which two teachers and two subjects work together. You discover that you can illuminate and work out a problem from different angles. They learn how to plan independently, obtain information, structure content and design it in an appealing way, and they also learn something about their own strengths and weaknesses. The subject is also in a special form theatre included, which is taught in an interdisciplinary manner in the other two semesters.

The extra-curricular activities also play an important role in the concept of the observation level. Students can take part in a variety of different Working groups Participate voluntarily, from the bee group to the musical and sporting activities to media, chess or robotics group, depending on the changing offer of the school year. The AGs can also participate in the Afternoon care be occupied. A wide variety of competitions with a wide range of opportunities to participate in the natural sciences, linguistic or sporting fields round off the offer for individual development.

We wish your children a lot of fun in our school community and successful learning and working!

Christian Möhring (Head of Department Jg. 5 to 7)