Which political party represents your interests the most

Parties in Germany

Christian Democratic Union (CDU)

The CDU was founded in 1945 and is currently the largest party in Germany. Together with the SPD, it provides the Federal Government and the current Chancellor Angela Merkel. It is one of the two major people's parties and has a strong market economy orientation. Its aim is to preserve the family and traditional Christian values.

The CDU has a sister party in Bavaria, the CSU. Both parties together form the so-called union. In elections, the parties have divided the federal states: the CSU competes in Bavaria and the CDU in all other federal states. The party also stands for traditional and, above all, Bavarian interests.

Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD)

The SPD is also a people's party. The SPD is the oldest party in Germany and was founded in the 19th century. She used to fight mainly for the workers. Today she is politically center-left and advocates social justice. Together with the Union (CDU and CSU) it forms a so-called grand coalition.

Alliance 90 / The Greens

The Greens have been around since 1980. At that time, they fought especially for the nuclear phase-out and peace. You are a relatively small party and have mostly worked with the SPD. The Greens are politically left-wing. Its primary goal is for the state to help poor people and protect animals and the environment.


DIE LINKE came into being in 2005. It mainly united supporters of the PDS and disappointed supporters of the SPD. Politically, it is very left-wing. DIE LINKE works for more justice and for the state to stand up for the poor. Above all, DIE LINKE is in favor of a peace policy.

Free Democratic Party (FDP)

The FDP is a relatively small party. It was founded in 1948. In history it has often ruled together with the CDU and was one of the most important parties in Germany. In the last election, however, she did not make it into the Bundestag. The FDP stands for liberalism. This means that it focuses on the freedom of every single person and that the state should interfere little.

Alternative for Germany (AfD)

The AfD was founded in 2013. It is already represented in various federal states in parliament and since 2017 in the Bundestag. The AfD is a protest party that is directed against the old parties. She says of herself that she is politically in the middle. But many think that it is more on the right. The AfD is against the European Union and against the admission of refugees.

There are many more parties in Germany. However, most of them are so small that they have little political influence.