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Which fitness machines are best for losing weight? We show effective sports equipment for burning fat at home

One of the most common reasons for purchasing a training device for at home is the goal of losing the pounds that have accumulated through feasting and the sedentary lifestyle as quickly as possible. The fitness equipment manufacturers have recognized this and offer a variety of devices that are supposed to be fat killers and report in hundreds of Internet guides about these "miracle weapons". As elsewhere in the economy, many of these weight loss recommendations are poorly chosen or outright not correct, as these tips and tricks are influenced to increase sales. We take a look at these devices from the point of view of training efficiency and explain to you whether cross trainers, treadmills, steppers and co really burn as much fat as the reviews on the Internet say.

Table of Contents

  1. What is to be considered?
    1. Slimming- The Formula
    2. Devices calorie consumption
    3. Cardio machine myth
    4. Interval training
    5. Muscle building
    6. Fun while exercising
  2. Lose Weight- The Best Device
    1. for overweight people
    2. for a few pounds less
    3. for the last gram of fat


What should be considered with the fitness equipment for weight loss? Myths, half-knowledge & recommendations

The formula for weight loss

First you should think about how you can even manage to lose fat through fitness training? Put simply, if we burn more calories than we eat, then we lose weight. So the formula for losing weight is:

The most important adjustment screw for fast weight loss is the calorie intake, i.e. the diet. In addition to the subconscious survival functions of our body, such as breathing or the heartbeat, we can influence the consumption of calories through exercise, sport and fitness.

Calorie consumption of fitness equipment in comparison

If we relate this to fitness equipment, then logically the fitness equipment that consumes the most calories is best suited for losing weight. Sounds catchy and simple in itself. Many manufacturers fall back on this simple assumption by comparing the calorie consumption of the individual fitness devices.

The values ​​from the graph are averages from various websites that recommend fitness equipment for weight loss. These values ​​are logically very dependent on the resistance set on the device and the body weight and fitness level of the user.

Cardio machines are only conditionally suitable for losing weight

The disadvantage What is part of this listing is that almost only cardio machines (cross trainers, treadmills, ergometers and the like) are compared and the above formula is not thought through to the end. Cardio machines are particularly suitable for Endurance training. The goal of endurance training, however, is to persevere for as long as possible, practically jogging instead of being out of breath at the beginning after 2 kilometers, only after 10 kilometers ... and all with the same calorie intake. The body becomes more economical with endurance training, which means that you always get through the training less calories consumed as the body increases its efficiency. After buying a new cardio machine, the body will initially lose weight due to the unfamiliar strain, but this quickly subsides when the body has got used to the new movement pattern.

Interval training speeds up weight loss

Interval training, i.e. short-term but intensive training sessions, is more useful for losing weight with cardio equipment Power limit. This can be illustrated very easily using the example of jogging: If you put in several sprints between runs, you reach your performance limit much faster and work up a sweat much more quickly ... you consume more energy and thus lose weight more quickly.

More muscles = more calories burned

The is also neglected in the usual recommendations on the Internet unconscious calorie consumption of the muscles. As described in the weight loss formula, not only does conscious training play a role, but muscles also consume calories during the day. The more muscle, the more calories are recycled by the body. Training for muscle building thus promotes the Fat loss. This is one of the reasons why interval training is so efficient at burning fat. The sprinters in the Olympic Games are also much more muscular than the endurance runners.

The fastest way to lose weight is to have fun while exercising

Since losing weight isn't a process that takes just a few days, so should your ownmotivation be taken into account when choosing the right sports equipment. And it is best not to let this subside so quickly. Accordingly, it is of no use if, after endlessly reading various specialist articles and comparing fitness equipment, you decide to go for the treadmill but actually don't feel like running at all. Perhaps then rowing or training with the cross trainer would have been more recommendable. If you have already developed a certain preference for a certain sport or prefer training with a certain device, it is better to stick with it and not be distracted by comparison tables or the like. If you have fun, you stay tuned and reach your goal faster.

The best sports equipment for losing weight at home

What is the conclusion from the above points? What is the best fitness machine for weight loss? Very clear: One thing alone is usually not enough to reduce your body fat percentage in the long term. Are much more useful Combinations of different forms of training. Also, it makes a big difference how it goes about that body's own fitness before the start of training. Very overweight people can burn significantly more fat in a short time than trained athletes who actually only want to lose their light belly fat. And quite important: Food! Because with it we first accumulate the calories that we try to break down again with training.

In the following paragraphs, we recommend weight-loss fitness equipment for different exercisers. Click on the desired device and you will get to the appropriate guide, in which we explain to you what you should pay attention to with the respective fitness device. And we will show you product recommendations for the best price-performance ratio.

Fitness equipment for weight loss for very overweight people

The often vaunted cardio training with only one device is only conditionally suitable for long-term fat burning with regular, longer exercise units. A exception exists here, however, for people who move very little in everyday life and are very overweight (BMI> 30 kg / m², see body mass index). This is where regular cardio training can turn into one pretty quickly significant weight reduction as the initial increase in exercise and the higher body weight lead to an increased energy requirement. However, you should start slowly and only increase over time in order not to lose motivation on the one hand and to protect the joints on the other. Cross trainers and the ergometer bike for at home are very popular here. The treadmill is suitable for overweight people to start with, especially for walking instead of jogging.

Recommendation cardio machines for overweight people:

Fitness equipment for fat loss for a few pounds less

Do you want to shed a few pounds in the long term? Then it is more worthwhile following our weight loss basics described above Combination of cardio training and strength training perform.
With a Cardio machine you set a new movement stimulus for the body, which significantly increases the calorie requirement, especially when starting out. Additional Interval training on the respective fitness equipment can work wonders here. Here, too, the cross trainer has grown in popularity, because by using the arms it is also more efficient with the right training than, for example, the bicycle ergometer. The rowing machine can also score positively here, it even offers a completely different movement pattern than you are used to in everyday life, which increases fat burning, especially at the beginning. Our special recommendation to lose weight is the skipping rope. Interval training can be carried out here in a playful way that will quickly make you sweat. The numerous tricks and jump combinations also increase motivation. And ultimately, it's cheap and portable. Those who like to jog will find a good partner for losing weight in the treadmill. Still acheapest way to lose weight is the step board, with which interval training can also be carried out well.

Recommended cardio machines for a few pounds less:

So that you can best successes achieved, one cares with parallel Muscle building then additionally for a higher energy consumption over the whole day, as a muscle gain not only heats up the fat burning during training, but also burns pounds during rest phases. The combination of cardio equipment and muscle building is the best way to achieve your desired weight. You don't have to dig deep into your pocket for strength training. Training with your own body weight, such as push-ups or stabilization exercises, is particularly healthy. A proper training mat, such as a sports or gymnastics mat, is suitable for this. The kettlebell has enormous potential as a swing body and extra weight. With her swing training she combines strength building and fat burning, which is the basis for weight loss. Definitely recommended for losing weight! Further training support is also available inexpensively from wall bars or the sling trainer. The advantage of these fitness equipment combinations is that this type of strength training stabilizes the whole body and contributes to the daily fitness, resilience and mobility. For more targeted muscle building, dumbbells are the clear recommendation. These are cheap and very efficient. Alternatively, a multi-gym can be used to build muscle.

with the following strength machines in combination:

Weight loss fitness equipment for the last gram of fat

For those who want to achieve the lowest possible body fat percentage, the same applies as mentioned in the previous paragraph: How do I lose a few kilos?
In addition, the efficiency can be increased here. We recommend that after a few months Switch cardio machine, because the body has got used to the movement pattern. This in turn saves energy, which is not the goal of losing weight. Switching between sports equipment ensures faster fat burning.

Conclusion: fitness equipment for losing weight

As the basics have already shown, there is a lot of half-knowledge on the Internet and partly in fitness magazines about the topic of which fitness equipment is best for losing weight. Of course, cross trainers, treadmills and the like are suitable for losing weight, but only under certain conditions. We have tried to give you an overview of the influencing factors and possible training equipment that is as understandable as possible. You are welcome to take another look at our device overview and let yourself be inspired.

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