When did the mass production of clothes begin?


Styling and patterns

The entire production process starts in this sector, a department built to bring together the critical mass of the company (human resources, machinery, know-how, experience). Here, collections of large dimensions, but also small dimensions, are created in a period of a maximum of four weeks, with the same high standards always serving as dimensions.

Modeling / fitting

After the first drawings have been created and the first sample has been produced, the best modeling and fitting for this product must be found, as well as the best profitability of the material in function of the desired number of pieces. Using the best technology and with the help of a very experienced team that is used to interpreting the wishes of each customer, we can present the best quality / price solution for the desired product within a short period of time.


The cutting sector is absolutely vital for our competitiveness. An automated cutting system from Lectra Systems enables us to cut on 5 tables at the same time, with the same guarantee for quality, precision, efficiency, marking and cutting. A manual cutting system is also available for more complex parts, which also enables us to adapt the cut to the striped or rectangular pattern of the fabrics ../ sys

Assembly and packaging

All of our clothing is organized in groups. We have enormous production flexibility for our customers. The fact that we own Eton Systems' transport system (a system originally intended for the mass production of vehicles and aircraft) allows us not only to reduce idle times, but also to enable continuous production through real-time control of the to stimulate entire production tasks. After the parts have been manufactured, our warehouse takes care of the packaging.

Quality control

As the company has the best technologies and highly specialized staff, we usually emphasize that quality control starts with choosing the best raw materials (fabrics, buttons, threads, appliqu├ęs). All of this is complemented by the use of the best manufacturing methods and various control mechanisms in the different production phases (analysis of the raw knitwear and the dyed, through the cutting and manufacturing sectors, to packaging and shipping).


The quality and durability of Flor da Moda's products have been known to all of our customers over the course of the company's 30 years of existence.

In addition to the individual testing with very demanding criteria, strength tests are carried out on all parts (light, sweat, friction), countless washing tests, pilling tests, tests of dimensional stability, strength tests, measurement of the pH value; Tests of weight / m2, etc. All this is carried out in-house, in addition to cooperation with national and international laboratories.