Why do some Chinese often spit everywhere?

Guys why are you spitting on the floor?

In order to answer this question, we have to deal with a great deal of human and all-too-human in the next few minutes. So be warned, and if you are one of those girls who find spitting not only disgusting but super-mega-repulsive-disgusting, it is best not to read any further.

Before starting: not all spitting is the same. There are three types: The first is the subversive pseudo-angry-young-men-spitting, the casual-contemptuous spitting from the corner of the mouth. The second variant is the footballer-athlete-spitting and the third is the old-man-slime-pulling-up variant. Why soccer players spit is relatively easy to explain and has a physiological reason: During exercise, the mucous membranes swell and produce more saliva and snot. Then it has to go somewhere. The old man's slime pull-up variant is a medical mystery: Some men (including around 400 million Chinese) are of the opinion that it is unhealthy to swallow snot (in Bavarian: hairing) (which is not medically correct). The pseudo-angry-young-men-spitting raises the most questions.

From eighth to tenth grade there was a spitting circle in the school yard. A group of guys met there every break, formed a circle, and spat in the middle. At the end of the break a slimy, slightly foaming puddle shimmered on the cobblestones. The Driffmeier said: “Krasse Lacke”, and Ulf, the punk, smugly said “nice and disgusting that”. Every now and then a teacher would come by and look disgusted. But he couldn't forbid us to spit. The spitting circle was a kind of subversive act - it expressed protest, but could not be stopped by the teacher. Because subversive individuals gathered in the spitting circle, and these people are usually more interesting than those who briefly talk about the binomial formulas again during the long break, I too began to spit. Participation wasn't difficult, everyone can spit.

After school the spitters sat on the bench in front of the train station (never on the seat, always on the armrest) and spat down from there. When they waited for the S-Bahn, they spat on the platform and the crazy Dennis even spat on the S-Bahn. Wherever the spitters were, they left a mark. Everyone else found it disgusting, of course, but that's exactly what the spitters wanted. In this they are no different from punks, who want to be found terribly even with rats, green hair and safety pins through the cheek. I was 15 and wherever I stood for more than 20 seconds I would spit. When I smoked cigarettes, I spit even more, and I spit most of the time after drinking Spezi. I imagine that my body got used to it and accordingly produced more saliva. At some point the spitting stopped. The end correlated almost exactly with the point in time at which this angry young men phase also passed. Spitting guys want to be found gross, non-spitting guys want to please.