Why is the skeptical community against homeopathy

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Don't let yourself be fooled: Have a look here:

  1. Homeopathy cannot work because there is nothing in it. Says the skeptics.
  2. If there is nothing in it, there can be no plausible explanation for an effect. The skeptics think so.
  3. There are no studies showing how or that homeopathy works, the skeptics claim.
  4. From points 1-3 it is imperative that homeopathy is ticked off, excluded from further research and from the pluralistic health care system.

Point 3: There is a very solid amount of different studies that show that homeopathy works. Hear from Jens Behnke, Carstens Foundation
Video summary of the scientific data on homeopathy. To do this, you should immerse yourself a bit in the subject of evidence-based medicine, see Andreas Holling in his lecture “Homeopathy. Effectiveness and Scientific Approach “from Friday, November 30th, 2018

Point 1: If you wanted to try to use a scale to find out whether there is still enough storage space on a USB stick: Not possible. Information cannot be weighed, but homeopathic information can be clearly measured against biological systems and within the laws of homeopathic science. Just not with a scale.

Point 2: We live every day and each of us under completely implausible conditions. Our stream of consciousness, which accompanies us every day, even while you are reading here, stubbornly defies any kind of modern measurement and above all explanation, research is feverish and with a lot of money, but there is no reasonable explanation so far. Did we nevertheless want to deny it against all our own experience for lack of plausibility and then stop research? Or try to explain psychotherapy materially and calculate its effect on a mechanistic model. Should we get rid of them because there are no molecules involved?

Point 4: Don't let yourself be fooled: Anyone who wants holistic doctors with a human approach and a pluralistic approach to health issues should not allow themselves to be curtailed by methods that are outside of mechanistic conventional medicine: continue to be critical of TCM with their experiences , Homeopathy, osteopathy, psychotherapy and other procedures, but defend your freedom of choice.

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Lecture "Homeopathy. Effectiveness and Scientific Approach" from Friday, November 30th, 2018

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Dispute over homeopathy
Author: Jörg Haberstock

Additional medical designation homeopathy under attack - homeopathy reimbursement by health insurance companies in the crossfire - degrade homeopathic medicines to wellness products:

Up until 10 years ago, all media were in a consistently homeopathy-friendly manner, but the tide has now turned rigorously:
A small group of skeptics has organized itself in an excellent journalistic and political manner in a campaign against homeopathy called GWUP: The doctor Dr. After years as a private doctor in Heidelberg, Nathalie Grams has turned her back on classical homeopathy and successfully publishes books as the protagonist of the core statement that homeopathy is charlatanism, the only acceptable medicine is scientifically founded university medicine. A politically active homeopathy-critical circle called the Münsteraner Kreis called for the abolition of the additional designation homeopathy at the Doctors' Day 2018, unsuccessfully for the time being - after all for 7,000 doctors: Interdisciplinary set up, the members are predominantly academics who are unrelated to practice, and again the people of the core group of skeptics, GWUP. The common goal is the avowed elimination of homeopathy from medicine, from medical care and the elimination of homeopathic medicines from pharmaceutical law and pharmacies. Hard stuff in a pluralistic health system.

This journalistic excellently staged three-front attack on all platforms, by means of political lobbying, firing homeopathic social media or journalistic lecture activities and publications is part of an international professional dismantling of homeopathy.

Which, in turn, is tough:
What homeopathy has been doing against all attacks for over 200 years is the great popularity of patients and the extremely dedicated work of serious homeopaths.

The skeptics movement as a politically organized form was founded historically in the economic endeavors of the American medical profession at the beginning of the 20th century to get out of the unpopular competition of homeopathic colleagues: At that time, the US health care system was largely supported by homeopathic doctors, there was Numerous homeopathic hospitals and many doctors were active in homeopathy: With a well-designed political campaign - the Flexner Report - the non-homeopathic doctors managed an astonishing demise of homeopathic homeopathy with the support of industry-related organizations. Similar undertakings have been carried out in Great Britain in the past few years, where homeopathy has been massively ousted from the public health system. Now an attempt is underway in Australia at the political level to remove the institutional basis of homeopathy with possibly falsified results of meta-analyzes. The same shot backfired in Switzerland: after an unprecedented anti-homeopathy campaign, the population decided to include alternative therapy methods in the constitution and thereby oblige the state to protect access to homeopathy for patients.

The legal situation in the EU is similar: Here, too, complementary medical procedures, including homeopathy, enjoy extensive legal protection as therapeutic directions in a medically pluralistic environment. That should now be undermined.

The skin arguments against homeopathy can be found on the pages of the GWUP and the Münsteraner Kreis.

If you would like to deal more with the answers homeopathy has ready, you will find a remarkable blog here or various other links at the Central Association of Homeopathic Doctors. Have fun while reading.