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Ⓘ Shiv Sena is a nationalist-Hindu regional political party in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The party members or supporters are al ..


3. Criticism

Before the general election in 1998, the Indian Election Commission of India criticized the fact that Shiv Sena did not have any intra-party elections. According to the party constitution, Thackeray was lifelong party president without any intra-party elections for leadership positions. The electoral commission threatened to withdraw its recognition as a political party if Shiv Sena did not go over to holding regular intra-party elections to the party organs. As a result, Thackeray was elected party leader on December 21, 1997 in what was more like an acclamation. It was the first internal party election, more than 30 years after the party was founded.

On June 28, 1999, party leader Thackeray was deprived of active and passive voting rights for 1 ½ years by the Indian electoral commission. He was found guilty of "corrupt electoral practices" in unlawful campaigning by making several inflammatory and inciting speeches at a by-election in Maharashtra in 1986, "communal and inflammatory speeches", which would roughly correspond to the German criminal offense of sedition.

Insurgent supporters of the party regularly attract attention through politically motivated acts of violence. Shiv Sena partisans were largely responsible for the riots between Hindus and Muslims in Bhiwandi in 1984 and the clashes in Bombay from 1992–93 after the destruction of the Babri Mosque, which killed hundreds. In December 2003, Shiv Sena supporters rioted in a stadium in Agra that was supposed to host a cricket tournament between India and Pakistan. In November 2009, the local television studios of two Indian broadcasters were devastated by Shiv Sena supporters after they had expressed criticism of the party and the party leader Uddhav Thackeray. A party spokesman subsequently declined an apology for the incident and justified the "spontaneous" action. On October 13, 2015, Shiv Sena supporters doused the publicist Sudheendra Kulkarni with black paint when he presented a book by the former Pakistani Foreign Minister Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri in Mumbai. Shiv Sena spokesmen called the action a form of "peaceful protest" against Pakistan.