Mexico is the Philippines of America

Philippines: Americans expelled Spaniards

The Spanish crown claimed the Philippines, which they named after King Philip II. A declared goal of the Spaniards was the spread of Christianity and they imported Catholicism to the archipelago, which largely supplanted Islam, which was not yet deeply anchored there. The Spaniards were drawn to the east: They wanted to control the trade route to America and used their mainstay in Mexico to do so. The Spaniards shared the Philippine market with the Chinese, and local traders were pushed out of the picture. Even today, the descendants of these Chinese have a decisive influence in the economic and financial sector of the Philippines.
In the late 19th century, the Spaniards lost power in the region after being defeated by the Americans at the Battle of Manila Bay during the Spanish-American War. The Americans were backed by Filipino nationalists who had long since grown tired of the Spanish rulers. The Americans had led the freedom fighters to believe that with their attack on the Spaniards they wanted to support the Filipinos striving for independence. In reality, the US was pursuing its own colonial plans and, to the great disappointment of the nationalists, immediately followed in the footsteps of the expelled Spaniards. The Americans bloodily struck down cheers from the population and the autonomy movement.

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